Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with These Unique Vacations
December 24th 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with These Unique Vacations

Tis the season to make New Year’s resolutions! Whether you love them or hate them, making resolutions to start a New Year can be exciting and something to focus on and work towards. While many people aim to work on their health and wellness, you can also make a resolution to be more adventurous and step outside your comfort zone. You can do this in various ways, but we recommend using travel and vacations as the perfect opportunity to try new things!

Maybe you’re used to traveling to a familiar destination every year, or you are always doing the same old things on your getaways. Vacations outside your comfort zone can lead to personal growth and incredible lifelong memories. Step outside your comfort zone in 2020 with these unique vacation experiences!


Antartica is a place that isn’t commonly visited, making it a stunning and unspoiled place to explore. Rugged natural landscapes with icebergs and wildlife will take your breath away and become an unforgettable vacation experience.

Antartica is a truly breathtaking continent that is very easily accessible and has so much for you and your family to explore. Turn the journey into part of the adventure by taking a boat from the southernmost tip of Argentina aboard the Zodiac expedition cruise ship. Adults and kids will enjoy the cruise adventures that will allow you to see humpback whales, leopard seals, and even some sea birds. You can also get your heart pounding and drop your body temperature by diving into the frigid Antarctic waters—known as the Polar Plunge—just to say you did! Luckily, guards will be standing by with warm towels and hot chocolate to warm you right back up.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the warm climate continent of Africa is ready to welcome you for a safari adventure exploring its incredible landscape. Plus, if you choose to visit Africa, you can engage in an eco-friendly and conservation-focused trip.

When planning your African vacation, you can book a multi-day expedition that allows you to track endangered mountain gorillas while watching them in their natural habitats. These expeditions are led by knowledgeable and licensed guides and are completely safe, but the thrill of the “chase” is sure to get your heart racing. Additionally, while on these expeditions you have the opportunity to learn about local communities and visit hospitals and orphanages and have the chance to volunteer and give back.

For more thrills, visit Victoria Falls where you can bungee off a bridge, go white-water rafting, and swim up to the edge of the world’s largest waterfall.


The country of Ecuador is unbelievably beautiful with mountains, glaciers, and active volcanoes. Going on a horse-riding expedition is a fantastic way to see it all while sitting on the back of a majestic horse. The rides can take you slowing crossing the wetlands to trotting across the plains of the altiplano. This is easily the best way to fully immerse yourself in the natural splendor while viewing the flora, fauna, and diverse landscapes.

If you’re looking to engage with nature on foot, you can hike up one of the dozens of volcanoes throughout the country. Some trails are very easy to navigate while others will require you to be a more advanced hiker. For example, Volcan Chimborazo is the tallest inactive stratovolcano and is the further point on Earth’s surface from the center of the Earth. Higher than Everest, Volcan Chimborazo is nearly four miles high. Regardless of what trail you choose, there is nothing like standing atop the summit of a volcano and taking in the splendor.

Time to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you want to be a tourist or do you want to truly see the world? Vacations outside your comfort zone allow you to get away and relax while also experience something new and exciting. Take the first step and go, book your trip! Plan your vacation and your expeditions to step outside your comfort zone. Be present, and grow from the experience!


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