Summer Travel Statistics [Infographic]
August 25th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Where did you go this summer? When? How did you get there? Summer travel is not only fun to talk about it, but the how/when/where people travel makes for interesting research.

There have been many studies on summer vacation travel habits to help businesses and companies learn how people are traveling and their preferences. Not only that, but it can help fellow travelers understand different travel trends to either give them ideas of what to do on summer vacation, or tell them where they should avoid.

Summer travel can often be about trying to avoid the crowds. Beaches on the weekends, heavy traffic on holidays, and certain hot spots that attract a lot of tourists. Certain things are unavoidable, however taking small steps to plan ahead can ensure you can avoid the chaos.

  • Travel to places on weekdays. The kids are out of school, take a couple days off from work and enjoy the beaches and attractions with less crowds.
  • Holiday weekend? Leave early! Taking an extra day or two off before traveling for a big summer holiday can help you avoid long hours sitting in traffic.
  • Go out to eat early. If you’re looking to visit a restaurant during your vacation that is known to get packed, have a light lunch and head to dinner early to keep the family from getting cranky with a long wait. Or if it allows, make a reservation!

Summer may be nearing its end, but there is still time to get out there and travel with friends and family. Take a look at how and where people travel during the warmer months with these summer travel statistics. Some of them might surprise you!


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