What Do Independent Timeshare Companies Mean for the Industry?
September 13th 2016

As timeshares become more popular among vacationers from around the world, the massive hospitality brands at the center of the industry are changing the way they look at the business model. Recently, there has been consistent news of “timeshare spinoffs,” which occurs when a hotel or lodging brand chooses to incorporate their vacation ownership branch […]

Travel Trends Reveal Timeshares Embracing New Technology
August 4th 2016

Your smartphone may soon be the key to your dream vacation. Various reports and recent travel trends have shown that more and more major timeshare brands are experimenting with new technology to improve the overall experience of their guests. With Starwood implementing keyless entry for select hotel rooms, and other brands like Hilton and Marriott […]

Starwood Hotels and Resorts to Expand Into Cuba
March 22nd 2016

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc. has made history today by becoming the first hospitality company to obtain U.S. Treasury Department Authorization to operate in Cuba in the past 60 years. The resort company signed the paperwork to open three new hotels in Havana in 2016. In addition to the construction of these hotels, Hotel […]

Interval Leisure Group Buys Vistana Signature Experiences
October 29th 2015

Vistana Signature Experiences, a timeshare unit once owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., is being sold to Interval Leisure Group Inc. The deal has been valued for $1.5 billion, and the Interval Leisure Group will absorb all of the timeshare unit’s 22 timeshare resorts, 220,00 owners, and 5,000 employees. Vistana Signature Experiences, which […]

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