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4 Best Places to Travel in August 2022
August 4th 2022

Best Places to Travel in August 2022 Believe it or not, August is here. Many see this as the end of the season, but there is still plenty of time to take advantage of this incredible month and enjoy a family vacation before the sun sets on summer. If you’re looking for August vacation ideas, […]

Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel
Spotlight: Canada Travel
July 12th 2016

July 1, 1867, a day now known as “Canada Day.” A day when the Constitution Act joined three provinces into one country: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada province (which then split into Ontario and Quebec). While this was a greatly historic day, it wasn’t a truly recognized or celebrated holiday until 1982—when Canada […]

7-Day Itinerary: Take a Winter Getaway to Whistler
January 22nd 2015

The charming Canadian resort town of Whistler, located in British Columbia, is perhaps best known for its phenomenal skiing; however, this popular destination also boasts numerous restaurants, shops, spas, and entertainment opportunities. Don’t fret about what to do first—check out our 7-day itinerary to figure out where to go and what to see to make […]

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