Temporary DVC Point Borrowing Restrictions Created in 2020 Have Been Lifted
July 18th 2022 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Uncategorized

DVC News: Brand Restores Pre-Pandemic Point Borrowing Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney Vacation Club created temporary DVC points borrowing restrictions which prevented owners from borrowing 100% of their points from the next Use Year. For the past two and a half years, owners have only been allowed to borrow 50% of their next Use Years’ points. As pandemic-related requirements continue to ease, the beloved timeshare brand recently informed its owners that they are returning to their pre-pandemic point borrowing policy, which was officially reinstated on July 12, 2022.

In an email sent to owners, DVC stated:

“Our team is pleased to share that you are once again able to borrow your full allotment of Vacation Points from your next Use Year to this Use Year.”

What Does This Mean for DVC Owners?

DVC owners will be thrilled to hear this news because this means they are able to enjoy even more opportunities and flexibility to visit their favorite Disney Resort locations as well as take advantage of the other incredible member benefits and the many updates DVC has been working on over the past few years.

As one of the most desirable timeshare brands in the world, DVC has been working on several large improvements to its offerings that all owners will want to see on their future Disney vacations.

Recently, the club announced three important DVC updates at Disney World including the grand opening of 200 new Mary Poppins-inspired rooms at the Grand Floridian, reopening of the Top of the World Lounge (with a new villains theme), and the completed demolition of the Aloha Building at the Polynesian Resort which will make way for a new DVC wing set to open in late 2024.

How DVC Points Borrowing Works

DVC allows owners to bank and borrow their annual allotment of DVC points to best fit their vacationing needs. In addition to being able to bank unused annual points, owners can borrow from their next Use Years allotment of points to upgrade their current year’s Disney vacation.

There are a few limitations and rules regarding banking which include:

  • All transactions are final and irreversible
  • You can only borrow points from the next Use Year if the reservation you’d like to book requires more points than what you available for your current Use Year
  • No more than three consecutive years of points can be used at once

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