The Evolution of the Bachelor and Bachelorette Party
September 12th 2019 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

The Original Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

When you first think of a bachelorette party or a bachelor party, you are probably imagining a wild night partying at night clubs with champagne and limousines. But believe it or not, future brides and grooms are getting a little more sophisticated.

As Millennials are getting hitched later in life, the typical chaos associated with the bachelor and bachelorette party has shifted. Now, we are seeing more tame and elegant plans for these outings.

How the Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party are Changing

The whole concept of “the last fling as a single man/woman” is shifting as the typical bachelor or bachelorette is older and more mature. Millennials are typically getting married later than their parents’ generation, making these parties more about going on a vacation with friends and escaping the reality of everyday life.

At this point in their life, Millennials have spent the earlier years of their 20s “going wild” and having more adventurous debauchery. So once they’ve decided to settle down with a partner, they’ve also decided they don’t need an out-of-control party to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

The High-End Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

With age comes maturity and generally more financial security. Millennials in their late twenties are usually more established in their careers and have more money saved up for trips and outings with their friends.

While a “traditional” bachelor or bachelorette party may include a bender trip to Las Vegas, people are now looking to take these parties up a notch to be a more cultured and luxurious.

Millennials are more interested in traveling with their close friends to unique and lavish places like Iceland, New York City, Palm Springs, and Napa Valley. While it is still considered a pre-wedding extravaganza, it also looked at as a great opportunity to travel to a fabulous destination with your closest friends.

Another reason these parties have become more luxurious and elaborate is out of necessity. Friend groups are often divided geographically, so bringing everyone together pre-wedding is a great excuse to all meet at a unique location and celebrate while spending quality time together.

Of course, these trips are generally longer and much more expensive. They also tend to include high-end activities like yoga classes, scuba diving trips, wine tastings, spa treatments, and chic pool parties. The average person to attend a bachelor party or bachelorette party is spending $537. This price includes the cost of travel, accommodations, gifts, and activities.

Have an Upcoming Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

If you find yourself planning an upcoming bachelor party or bachelorette party, consider timeshare rentals for your accommodations. These luxurious units won’t put a damper on the upscale vibe of your trip, but they will also save you a significant amount of money. Timeshare rentals can sleep upwards of 10 to 12 guests, making them ideal for friend groups. They are also located at resorts with fabulous amenities that will add further value and class to your trip. Stay on trend with these high-end pre-wedding celebrations without breaking the bank.


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