The Importance of the Skip-Gen Travel Trend
March 3rd 2020 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

The Importance of the Skip-Gen Travel Trend

What is skip-gen travel? By the term itself you may be able to guess, but skip-gen travel is the concept of grandparents and their grandchildren traveling together without the children’s parents. It serves as a great opportunity for these two generations to bond and spend quality time together.

Skip-gen travel became a big trend in 2019 and is still growing into the year of 2020. As grandparents are becoming more active, they are eager to experience new destinations with their grandchildren and gift them with lasting memories instead of cash or more material items.

Not to mention, grandparents are often-times already retired and have more time and freedom to scoop up their grandchildren for a trip, leaving their parents to stay home and continue working and getting a much-needed break!

Another big aspect of the skip-gen travel trend is involving the children in the planning process. When parents and grandparents allow them to speak their interests and talk about things they want to see and do, it sets up for a successful trip and encourages more in the future. Parents being involved in the planning can help relieve stress on the grandparents as well and lead to a well thought out trip that’s fun for all involved.

Ideas for Skip-Gen Travel

When planning a skip-gen travel adventure, you’ll want to seek out family-friendly resorts and destinations and ensure there are plenty of activities that both generations can fully enjoy.

Determining a good plan for a skip-gen travel experience also greatly depends on the age of the kids and how active the grandparents are able to be. Experts will recommend these trips are ideal for kids between the ages of 6 and 14, where they don’t require much “taking care of” and can fully remember the entirety of the vacation.

Keep it Simple With a Cruise of All-Inclusive Getaway

Cruises and trips to all-inclusive resorts can be very appealing options for these trips if the grandparents and children aren’t interested in as much sightseeing and straying far from their accommodations.

Opt for Some Disney Magic

Vacations with a Disney theme can also be very enjoyable. Transportation to and from the parks is simple and streamlined when staying in a Disney resort or many other nearby resorts, allowing grandparents to be more relaxed and leaving one less thing to figure out.

Enjoy a Relaxing and Historical Trip to Mexico

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are many cities in Mexico that are safe, fun, and full of rich history. Stay at a beachfront resort and book a tour to visit famous Mayan ruins. This provides the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation with opportunities for beach days as well as exploring the kid-friendly historical sites that will wow them.

Make Time for Resting

When planning your skip-gen trip, remember to factor in time to rest. Kids may have endless energy, but it’s important for the grandparents to get well-deserved rest in between fun and exploration. Many family-friendly resorts offer kids clubs and activities to ensure the pressure isn’t constantly on for entertaining the kids all day long.

Timeshare Rentals for Skip-Gen Travel

Browse our extensive inventory of timeshares for rent that are ideal for skip-gen travel excursions. These homey units offer multiple private bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas to make the vacation experience seamless and relaxed. It’s important for everyone to feel relaxed, rested, and at-home during these trips to ensure the best time possible! Start looking today to plan your perfect trip with your loved ones.


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