The True Value of Marriott Destination Points
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The True Value of Marriott Destination Points

Popular vacation ownership brand, Marriott Vacation Club offers owners incredible flexibility with the use of Marriott Vacation Club points. Now better known as Marriott Destination Points, these pieces of vacation currency provide so many benefits for a truly well-rounded travel lifestyle. See the amazing value of Marriott Destination Points and how they can further enrich your future vacations. These points offer true flexibility, allowing you to craft the perfect travel itinerary. And beyond just booking your vacation, Marriott Destination Points have so many other uses for incomparable travel experiences.

Use Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points to Travel Freely and Flexibly

The most obvious and most well-known thing you can do with your Marriott Destination Points is to use them to book your annual vacations. Peruse the Marriott Vacation Club resort portfolio and choose the perfect property for your next vacation. These points can be utilized like cash to book your vacation to your liking. The more points you own, the more flexibility and options you have. Marriott points can be spent, borrowed from future years, or banked for a later date to completely customize each getaway. Use more points for longer stays or upgraded accommodations and truly get the most value of Marriott Destinations Points.

To maximize your options and your ownership, make your reservations as early as possible. Your points become available to use for borrowing or exchanging 25 months prior to your Use Year and reservations are made available first-come, first-serve.

Convert Marriott Destination Points to Airline Miles

Earlier in 2021, Marriott Vacation Club added a new program for owners that allows you to convert up to 2,500 of your points into airline miles to make traveling that much easier. You can choose between American, United, or Hawaiian Airlines. Converting them is very simple, just fill out a form and request the number of Marriott Destinations Points you want to convert to flight miles. This request can be made once a year, so be sure to plan ahead on how you want to utilize your points.

Marriott Destination Points Conversion to Rewards Points

Marriott also offers a deluxe rewards system. Previously known as Marriott Rewards, Marriott Bonvoy was introduced in early 2019 and combines the old Marriott Rewards program, the Starwood Preferred Guest reward program, and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards. Together, Marriott Bonvoy is the world’s largest hotel loyalty program.

Each Marriott Vacation Club Point is equivalent to 32 Marriott Rewards points. Marriott Destination Points conversion to rewards points allows you to use your points for luxurious Marriott-brand hotel stays across the globe. Choose from over, 6,700 hotels in top destinations where you can book a quick weekend trip or enjoy a longer vacation with high-end accommodations.

Experience the Exciting Adventures Offered by the Explorer Collection

Discover exceptional vacation and travel opportunities with unique adventures through Marriott Vacation Club’s Explorer Collection. By using your Marriott Destinations Points within the Explorer Collection, you can:

  • Set sail on a multi-day or week-long cruise on an ocean or river
  • Go on an adventure with a hiking, biking, rafting, or multi-sport trip in an off-the-beaten-path destination
  • Book a guided tour in some of the world’s most fascinating countries
  • Take advantage of exclusive hotel packages to enjoy more traveling throughout the year
  • Choose from a number of pre-packaged specialty weekends with a number of added perks and activities included

Buy Marriott Destination Points and See the Value

To truly understand the value of Marriott Destination Points, you need to experience them for yourself. Now that you’ve seen how many ways these points can be exchanged and used, you can understand how they can add to your traveling lifestyle. Buy Marriott points for thousands less when you shop our inventory. Save big and give yourself the lifetime of vacations you so deserve.


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