The World is Yours With Marriott Vacation Club
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The World Is Yours with Marriott Vacation Club

There’s a reason why most people’s goal in life is to travel. In our lifetimes, there will never be a shortage of new and exciting things to experience. Throughout history, our personal and societal development has been rooted in the adventurous act of exploration.

With Marriott Vacation Club Resorts at your disposal, it’s simple for interested travelers to take advantage of what they have to offer and open their eyes to a brand new environment, way of life, and some really fascinating cultures.

Travelling the World with Marriott Vacation Club

When you buy a Marriott Resort timeshare, you’ll receive a points-based ownership. With a one-time purchase, owners will receive an allotment of Vacation Club Points annually.

This allows owners not only to vacation at other fantastic Marriott destinations, but provides you access to some really cool perks once you’ve accumulated enough. For owners interested in sightseeing and world travelling, these points can help! Here are some of the perks owners should take advantage of to expand their travel interests:

Guided Tours
There’s nothing more breathtaking than seeing majestic, yet unfamiliar territory for the first time. But while traveling down your own path can be cathartic in itself, a guided tour is great for finding all of the Easter eggs about the history of a particular monument, landscape, or culture. Spend some time with the experts and return to your home or work and share what you’ve learned!

Everything about a cruise just says “relaxation”. Guests can expect quality accommodations, some fascinating perks on the deck, but most importantly, you get to experience the thrill of travelling on the open water. Travelling by sea is one of the oldest, boldest forms of travel, so while you’re living comfortably on the boat, you can look out to the ocean and feel the winds of a new adventure whistling by.

Specialty Packages and Local Activities
No matter which resort or which country you prefer, Marriott has options to make your trip as immersive as possible. Marriott Vacation Clubs offer specialty packages to owners to really gain a better understanding of the location they’ve chosen to vacation in. The packages include everything from Exotic car driving to golf and instructional course, yacht charters to whitewater rafting.

Exchange Partner Resorts

Marriott’s properties are affiliated with popular external exchange company, Interval International, offering owners access to vacation properties all over the globe. From South America to Southern Africa to the South Pacific Islands, II has property all over the world. You could be in a new place every year!


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