Things Are Looking Up: Summer Travel 2021
May 6th 2021 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Things Are Looking Up: Summer Travel 2021

We are well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and things are just starting to tiptoe back into normalcy. With the vaccination being made more available by the day, a vacation abroad is looking like a real possibility for summer travel 2021.

More countries are opening their borders, mostly to fully vaccinated individuals. It varies by country and as restrictions are lifted, new rule proposals are being put out that need approval. So while a lot is still up in the air, we are optimistic that traveling abroad will still be possible in the coming months.

Europe Travel Summer 2021: What You Need to Know

Under the current travel restrictions, only people from seven countries can visit Europe, including Australia and Singapore. People from these countries can visit without confirmed vaccination but will be subjected to COVID testing and asked to quarantine.

The new proposals sent by the European Commission (that have yet to be approved), would permit fully vaccinated people to visit from outside countries that have a good handle on the virus as early as June. As of right now, this does not include the United States. It would include countries such as Russia and Britain.

While American citizens don’t meet the June travel requirements, it is certainly possible that they would be allowed in the coming months. Vaccinations will still be required, as well as government-issued vaccine certificates.

Where Can You Go Now?

Certain European countries, such as Greece and Iceland, are already welcoming vaccinated tourists from the United States as of April 19, 2021. Those traveling to Greece will need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated with a CDC card or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. Under this policy, US travelers will not need to quarantine.

If Greece is on your summer travel 2021 list, be sure to check out the following resorts for incredible accommodations and amenities offered:

  • Leoniki Residence – Located on the island of Crete, offering beach access, luxury residences, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and on-site dining
  • Village Heights Golf Resort – Located on the island of Crete, offering sports courts, pristine golf courses, and live entertainment
  • Grand Leoniki – Located on the island of Crete, offering nightly events, deluxe concierge services, fitness facilities, and swimming pools

Those going to Iceland can avoid the mandatory quarantine by showing proof of full vaccination with a CDC card. Even with the vaccination proof, you will still need to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival and wait at your accommodation until the results are back (up to 24 hours).

Other Tips for Summer Travel 2021

When traveling abroad during a pandemic, make sure you are wearing a mask and social distancing as much as possible. Avoid large events and crowded cities. And of course, be sure to wash your hands. Before departing, check the safety requirements and protocols frequently, as the countries’ policies will change as the pandemic evolves.

Keep your eyes out for future updates for Europe travel summer 2021 right here on Once the protocols are set for June, the list of safe countries to visit will be reviewed every two weeks. So stay positive and optimistic and your travel plans this summer! A European getaway is in your future.


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