Which Timeshare Accommodation is Right for You?
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There are lots of different timeshare accommodation styles offered by resorts across the globe. Each style often comes with unique benefits and could play a major role in where your family vacations. Here, we’ve broken down each type of timeshare accommodation to provide a clearer idea of what you should be looking for when buying a timeshare.

So what exactly differentiates a villa, townhouse, suite, and condominium?

Villa (townhouse) = Luxury & Privacy

A timeshare villa is a stand-alone detached home, also referred to as a townhouse at many U.S. resorts.

Pros: A villa is the essence of vacationing in luxury and seclusion. Typically, each villa has its own private garage or parking area, private deck, and personal pool. A villa is truly a home away from home, with a full kitchen, washer/dryer unit, whirlpool tub, and spacious rooms. They also have the same size, comfort, and additional amenities as a condo, but typically have more bedroom options for larger parties.

Cons: Since villas are equipped with a washer/dryer, there is usually no housekeeping option. You are responsible for your own cleaning while on vacation. While some consider this a pro because they can pack lighter and wash clothing, others may see this as a burden while trying to relax. The seclusion of villas may also be problematic for some visitors who prefer to be around all the action, socialize with others in a community pool, and be able to walk to nearby attractions.

Perfect for: Large families or honeymooners looking for the ultimate privacy and upscale features while enjoying their annual getaway.

Suite = Quaint & Cozy

A timeshare suite is typically an enlarged hotel room with extra amenities and a private bedroom (or two).

Pros: Timeshare suites are larger (and cheaper) than your average hotel room, and you are also able to enjoy additional features and amenities offered by the resort. Visitors can feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day in their suite, but don’t feel the need to spend their entire vacation in it. Suites are great for travelers who love to get out and explore the exciting local area.

Cons: Suites generally have a much smaller living area, which makes it difficult to entertain larger groups comfortably. In terms of a kitchen, suites usually only come with a mini-fridge and/or kitchenette. This is not a problem for travelers looking to experience local cuisine, but may put a damper on families who enjoy preparing meals together.

Perfect for: The adventurous travelers who just need a comfortable place to unwind in after spending the day hopping from attraction to attraction.

Condo = The Best of Both Worlds

Timeshare condos are multiple units in one collective building at the resort. Enjoy the shared resort features of a timeshare suite along with the spacious, upscale accommodations similar to a villa.

Pros: Condos are very roomy and can fit an entire family comfortably. Families and couples can also enjoy the social aspect of shared pools, beaches, and play areas outside of the condo, and all resort features are typically within walking distance. Housekeeping options are also available to those who want it.

Cons: There is a little to no privacy outside of the unit, and there is potential for noisy neighbors.

Perfect for: Groups, couples, and families looking for luxurious and large enough accommodations to fit comfortably, while also having plenty of social options outside of the unit. Condos are also a popular choice for ski-in/ski-out timeshare resorts.

While these are general distinctions between each property type, it is important to note that not all timeshare resorts use these terms properly. It is a good idea to research more in depth into what each unit actually offers in order to get the best idea of what type of timeshare you are purchasing.

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