What Timeshare Promotions are REALLY About…
April 13th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers

By this day and age, we are all generally aware of timeshare promotions and have different words we might associate with said promotions, including:

  • High-pressured
  • Stress-inducing
  • Intimidating
  • Gimmicky
  • Time-consuming

Regardless of what you’ve heard or experienced in a timeshare presentation, it’s generally not positive. But maybe you haven’t sat through a timeshare presentation and are considering vacation ownership? We’re here to give you all the in’s and out’s of what timeshare promotions are really about and want to give you some tips for surviving one if you are ever enticed to participate.

Timeshare Promotions Have Strings Attached

Resorts and timeshare salesmen are notorious for offering freebies like tickets, free weekends away, or even kitchen appliances to get people to sit in on these presentations. Generally they make it sound like a casual, short presentation with “no pressure to buy,” and you get your freebie and walk away unscathed.

Not true.

A timeshare presentation can last anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours depending on the resort or the person hosting the presentation. While you will still get whatever free item you were promised, you’re not going to get it easy.

The pushy timeshare sales people will start out trying to be your friend, get to know you, even sympathize with you. Their goal is to get you to buy a timeshare right on the spot. And they don’t want to let you go until that sale has been made and they walk away with a hefty commission.

How to Survive a Timeshare Presentation

But the truth is, you can make it through one of these presentations if you think the freebie is worth the the time wasted and high-pressure pitch. Here are some tips to get you through any timeshare presentation.

  1. You’re not there to make friends. Might sound harsh, but let’s be realistic. No matter how nice the person is trying to sell you a timeshare, they are just out for your money. It can be easy to get too friendly and bond with the person, who then in turn will turn on you and make you feel guilty if you don’t purchase the timeshare.
  2. Be wary of “today only” offers. The salesperson may tell you that they can give you this “fabulous discount” today only. That is incorrect nearly 100% of the time and is just a tactic to get you to take the leap and buy without really thinking about it. Discounts on vacation ownership properties are not difficult to come across.
  3. Stay sober. If you are already on vacation and slip into a timeshare presentation, they may try and offer you a cocktail. We all know that alcohol can cause us to not make the best decisions. Make sure you have a clear head when sitting in on a presentation.
  4. You can say no. Regardless of how intimidating these sales people try to be, they truly can’t make you do anything. No means no, and no one can force you into any purchase, even if they say you can’t leave.

Save Thousands on the Resale Market

Additionally, if you are interested in a timeshare property, consider the resale market. Sitting through a timeshare presentation is completely unnecessary when you have online marketplaces to shop such as SellMyTimeshareNow.com. Resort-offered timeshares come with large sales commissions, high interest rates, and dozens of hidden fees that they will never tell you about.

On the resale market, you’ll find lower, much more affordable prices advertised at up to 70% what the developers charge. Shop on your own time, from the comfort of your home, with no high-pressure pitches to sit through—only huge savings! Browse our inventory of timeshares for sale today, or call us at 1-877-815-4227 for expert advice and assistance.


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