Tips for Planning a Ski Vacation During the Pandemic
December 17th 2020 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Tips for Planning a Ski Vacation During the Pandemic

Ski season is officially upon us! After a year spent quarantined in our homes, a ski vacation is the perfect way to get outside and have fun in a way that is socially distanced and very safe. While a ski vacation is a great activity to look forward to this season, it will likely look much different than what you are used to planning.

Here are some things to look out for as you begin planning your getaway. Keep this all in mind for a smooth and successful trip to the slopes!

Make All Necessary Reservations in Advance

At this point, you’re probably used to making reservations for just about everything. Planning a ski vacation will be no exception.

In the past, you may have just shown up to a ski resort and purchased a day pass. Now, it is wise to book your lift tickets in advance to ensure you and your family get a spot. Some resorts are enforcing limited capacity to keep everyone safe and allow for the best quality mountain experience. Additionally, some resorts are making it mandatory to purchase passes online beforehand for a contactless transaction.

This also applies to any ski lessons you may be planning to take during your trip. Many resorts will be limited class sizes so making a reservation well in advance will give you the best opportunity to get into the lesson time of your choice. Some resorts may even require the person taking the lesson to complete an online self-health screening as an extra measure of caution.

You may also have to reserve your parking spot and any equipment you need to rent in advance. Be sure to contact the resort you plan to visit ahead of time to make sure all necessary reservations are made based on their specific procedures.

Lockers Won’t Be Available—Plan Ahead

You are likely used to renting a cubby space or a locker to store your belongings while out skiing. Unfortunately, you should assume that most resorts and ski lodges will not be offering this as an option. As such, you’ll have three options.

  • If you are staying at the actual ski resort, keep your belongings in your suite
  • If you are driving to the ski resort, keep you belongings in your car
  • If you are dropped off via public transportation, be sure to bring a small backpack to keep your things in, such as snacks, extra masks, hand warmers, hats, or anything else you may need for the day

Be Mindful in Lift Lines

If you are an avid skier, you know how packed these resorts can get and how long the lift lines can be. While skiing is a great, COVID-friendly activity, waiting in line with a crowd is not.

Be sure to socially distance yourself while waiting to ride the ski lift. It is likely that the resort will have a different layout to make the lines easier and safer to navigate. And while masks generally aren’t required outside, neck gaiters are a helpful cold-weather accessory that can be used like a mask if need be.

As far as riding the lift up, some resorts will only allow traveling parties to ride the lift together. Whereas other places will allow single riders to choose whether they ride alone or with the person next in line.

Lodge Dining Will Be Different

If you have dined out at all during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will already know that it looks quite different than normal. You may be used to hanging out at the lodge during your ski vacation or enjoying a meal at the resort. While this is still possible, there will be restrictions you will want to prepare for.

All restaurants must limit their guest capacity to align with the CDC guidelines. Reservations will be encouraged if not required, and this can include just stepping inside the lodge for lunch. Most bars and bar seating will be closed, as it is too challenging to socially distance sitting on a bar stool. Masks will be required when entering dining facilities, unless you are sitting at your own table while eating and drinking.

Pre-ordering, or bringing your own food will absolutely be encouraged. You may also just want to dine off-site or in your suite for breakfast and dinner to avoid the ski resort crowds.

Book a Timeshare for Your Ski Vacation

One thing that will make dealing with various restrictions easier is coming back to a spacious, multi-bedroom suite at the end of a busy day on the slopes. Enjoy access to homey amenities like a full kitchen, living room, full bathrooms, and flat screen TVs. Many of these deluxe units can be found directly at top ski resorts for easy access to various resort amenities and services during your ski vacation.

Shop all of our timeshares for rent and save thousands on your safe, fun, and much deserved ski retreat.


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