Top 5 US Vacation Destinations to Visit So Far in 2021
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Top 5 US Vacation Destinations to Visit So Far in 2021

Life as we knew it before the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to make a comeback. Travel restrictions are being lessened, people are getting vaccinated, and the world is generally a more open place to go and explore.

However, some may still be wary of traveling overseas or visiting new countries, at least for now. Is it safe to travel domestically in the US? The short answer, yes! Travel hotspots continue to enforce the CDC recommended safety guidelines, requesting non-vaccinated persons to wear a mask and encouraging social distancing. Not to mention, hotels and resorts continue to go above and beyond with maintaining cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

Additionally, we are seeing bookings rising for travel all over the US as the vaccine rollout promotes confidence and airlines add new domestic routes. Experts expect to see many US travelers go on vacations domestically throughout 2021 until international travel restrictions are relaxed and popular European destinations reopen.

As an American citizen, here are the top 5 US vacation destinations that people are loving right now. These destinations are perfect for a short trip, offering plenty of options for convenient direct flights and a safe, fun getaway.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The City of Sin is ready and waiting for your next vacation. Experience the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip where you’ll find casinos, incredible live entertainment, and numerous enticing dining opportunities. There is no shortage of things to do and see when visiting this exciting city to ensure a vibrant vacation experience.

There are many great resorts on or just off the Strip, making it easy to walk or take a short cab right to where you want to go. These resorts offer convenient concierge services to help you book all your activities and excursions with expert recommendations. Top Las Vegas resorts include:

Orlando, Florida

Undoubtably one of the most popular destinations in the United State, you can’t go wrong with a vacation to Orlando. The ideal spot for a family-friendly getaway, Orlando is known for its wide selection of theme parks (Disney and others), great shopping and dining opportunities, scenic golf courses, and that warm, sunny weather we all crave.

If you are seeking a magical Disney vacation for your Orlando getaway, there are a dozen great Disney Vacation Club resorts that give you direct access to your favorite parks. Other resorts offer golf courses, swimming pools, full-service spas, and other great amenities that provide extra fun to your vacation. Top area resorts include:

Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking to get a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, travel in the United States out west to Los Angeles. This upscale and exciting destination is home to Disneyland and other theme parks, a wealth of unique museums and art galleries, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and every sort of dining experience you could ever imagine.

Staying right in the heart of Los Angeles can be pricey. Your best bet is to find accommodations in a surrounding city to enjoy some peace and quiet after spending the day exploring the city. Some top resorts near Los Angeles include:

Miami, Florida

Like Orlando, Miami is an enticing destination that travelers in the US cannot get enough of. A little more “adult” than Orlando, Miami is known for its sprawling beaches and vibrant nightlife. There is a party everywhere you look between bar hopping, festivals, dance clubs, and beach concerts. To round out your vacation, check out the rich culture of the area with historical sights, art galleries, and museums.

Timeshare resorts in Miami put you in close proximity to all of the local hot spots. Some of the properties even sit right on the beach for stunning ocean views from your suite and long days in the surf and sand. Some of the top Miami resorts include:

New York City, New York

Where could be better to travel in the United States than a trip to the iconic city of New York? Feel the pulse of this exciting destination with its incredible theater scene, shopping centers, museums, and a wide variety of dining options. Once you’ve settled at your resort of choice, you can easily navigate the city by walking or using the subway transit system. Be sure to visit Central Park, Times Square, and the MET Museum to have the classic NYC experience.

Timeshare resorts in New York aren’t as large and sprawling as resorts outside of the city. However, they give you a front-row seat to explore NYC while also providing upscale accommodations for a rich and comfortable vacation experience. Some traveler favorites include:

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If you’re looking to travel in the United States this year, browse our full selection of United States timeshares for sale and United States timeshares for rent to enjoy an unforgettable vacation at a great price, where ever you decide to go!


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