How To Travel Cheap This Holiday Season
November 8th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the holidays are as enviable to our lives as taxes and visiting the inlaws. Everybody wants to do their very best with the essentials like decorating, helping make a wonderful meal, and buying presents for the whole family. But all this can be pretty expensive in the long run.

If you want to show everyone that you care, but you need to cut some financial corners, learn how to travel cheap this holiday season. Cheaper travel can be afforded with some nifty travel hacks, and we at are the experts at finding ways for you to travel on your own personal budget. If you’re looking for special tricks for an affordable holiday vacation this year, check out some ways you could be travelling cheap this year:

1. Travel on the Actual Holiday

This might be a cardinal sin in some families, and a nervous breakdown waiting to happen for some, but your bank account won’t regret it. If you and your family don’t have a home base for your holiday plans, or you’re looking for a great deal on affordable holiday vacations, travelling on the actual holidays is usually a huge clearance for the airlines.

2. Consider Alternative Airports

If convenience isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to flights, research nearby airports that offer cheaper fares. Some may even offer flights with low cost carriers that don’t operate at your nearby airport.

3. Weigh Your Luggage Before You Leave Home

Whether you’re packing up presents and those lovely holiday sweaters to your destination or you’re bringing back souvenirs and other goodies on the flight home, odds are the weight of your bags will vary. This could cost you on airlines that charge every bag you check per pound. Weigh everything you’re bringing first, that way you can pack more efficiently and cost-effectively.

4. Travel Insurance

Know you’re going to be traveling annually? Taking out an annual multi-trip insurance policy will result in cheaper travel than if you bought insurance for only a single trip! Once you get on a policy, you won’t have to worry any longer about comparing rates and dealing with the hassle of cutting corners for cheaper travel every time you need to travel.

5. Consider An Indirect Flight

This one may work more for individual fliers or those looking for a couple hours to stretch their legs in between flights. If your flight has a layover, you could be saving tons of money just to spend a bit of time waiting for the connection!

6. Skip the Airport Restaurants

We know that the stress of getting through the airport warrants a reward in the form of a hot meal or a cold drink. But once you’re past security, you’ll see costs go way up. Stick to snacking on the plane or showing up with a full stomach and save that appetite for the delicious holiday dinner waiting for you at your destination!

7. Reconsider Where You Stay During Vacations

For affordable holiday vacations, you have plenty of options, but sometimes the good ones are hard to find. This is the most important aspect when people ask how to travel cheap, and that’s why we always remind our interested travellers that we have the best inventory of timeshare resales and rentals available to choose from at incredibly discounted rates. From all of us at the family, we hope you enjoy cheaper travel with your family and loved ones this holiday season!


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