Watch Your Earth Day Take Flight With Bird Watching
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Ever since Earth Day was recognized as a national holiday in 1970, there has been a massive push for environmental protection all over the world. But Earth Day is more than just protecting the environment; it’s also a day for appreciating the beauty and serenity of nature and our natural environment.

One of the first things travelers tend to do when visiting another area on holiday is, obviously, to check out the surrounding areas. But for those looking for a break from the city and all things man-made, you can never go wrong with a trip out into the wilderness. Bird watching is one of those classic Earth Day activities that will get you out in the wilderness and embrace your surroundings!

A How-To Guide For Bird Watching Beginners

If you prepare yourself properly, bird watching can be leisurely, easy, and fun! There’s more effort than simply hiding in a bush and waiting for some creature to take flight. Whether you’re an ametuer looking to get hooked on a new hobby or you’re a pro who needs a quick touch-up, here are some of the essential bird watching supplies and tips:

  • Binoculars – The first and most obvious tool you’ll need is a good set of binoculars. Any pair will do, but to really get the full experience, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money on a $250-$300 pair.
  • Field Guide – The next logical thing you’ll need is a field guide. Make sure to get the most accurate, up-to-date field guide for identifying birds based on size, look, and flight patterns.
  • Camera – Need a little more time to identify the birds you see? Interested in keeping a visual collection of your findings? Consider bringing a camera with a big lens.
  • Logbook or Apps – Of course, you’ll want to keep an actual record of your findings. Don’t forget to bring a physical log book or download any of the awesome bird watching apps available!

Where To Go For Great Bird Watching?

So now you’ve got all the essential bird watching tools. Now the next big question: where do I go? There are over 600 different species and hundreds of places to go for a great, unique birdwatching experience. From Hawaii to Maine, there’s no shortage of birds to find in the U.S. We’ve listed some of our favorite places to find some special birds.

Fast flowing water runs over stepping stones all in front of iconic sight in the USA.

Oak Creek Canyon – Sedona, AZ

You can find some amazing birds on the plains of old Sedona. With so much open land and sky in the desert, Arizona hosts some prime bird watching locations. Soak up the sun and go on a trip to find species like Bullock’s Orioles, American Dipper, and an Ash-Throated Flycatcher. Hit the Verde River Birding Trail and you could spot up to 300 different species!

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Key West shoreline viewed from the White Street Pier.

Florida Keys – Key West, FL

There are plenty of places to stop and watch the birds when you’re driving down to the Keys. Key West is a prime location to see species such as the white-crowned pigeon, gray kingbird, and Mangrove Cuckoo. If you happen to find yourself near the Key West International Airport at dusk, you might also be able to find the Antillean Nighthawk.

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Haleakala National Park – Maui, HI

With the area’s cloud forests, cinder cones, and coastal rain-forests, Maui is a diverse landscape that’s ripe for all sorts of different species. Many rare Hawaiian forest birds exist here, like the Nene, better known as the Hawaiian Goose. Haleakala National Park also has its fair share of egrets, gulls, herons, and so much more.

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View from North Bubble, in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Acadia National Park – Ellsworth, ME

Last, but certainly not least, Acadia is always a good place for Earth Day activities and overall environmental appreciation. Here you’ll find a variety of different species of seabirds. Some travelers have even reported seeing some rare birds like the Purple Sandpiper and the Atlantic Puffin.

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