Why Westin Aventuras Might Be the Best Timeshare Program Out There
March 23rd 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: For Buyers

Westin Aventuras is Ideal for Flexible Vacationing

Finding the perfect vacation destination can be tricky, and it might deter avid vacationers from investing in a vacation ownership program. Fortunately, companies like Vistana (formerly Starwood) understand some vacationers want to expand their travel and have created the multi-destination timeshare, the Westin Aventuras program. It might sound too good to be true, but here are the vacation club benefits you can experience when booking your next trip:

You have the option of booking at two Home resorts

Westin Aventuras point-based program provides its owners with two equally as stunning Home resort options when booking their vacations. Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort is located in Cancun, Mexico and is loved for its variety of studio, one-, and two-bedroom villas with many on-site amenities including sports courts, spacious pools, kids’ activity center, fitness center, a spa, and mini golf. Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa can be found in Baja California Sur, Mexico with studio, two-bedroom, and two-bedroom premium villas and incredible features like a fitness studio, sand volleyball, fitness lessons, pools, a kid’s club, and more. Switch between both resorts each year or choose to frequent the one you love most!

The Home Resort Reservation Period is 12-8 months in advance of your next vacation where you utilize your points to book your flexible accommodations. You have the option to reserve any available villa type, schedule arrival and departures for any day of the week, reserve anywhere from one-14 nights, and have a maximum of three pending reservations per owner within the current Use Year.

Westin Aventura is affiliated with Interval International

If you find that neither of your Home resorts are calling your name, you can extend your resort search to external exchange. Westin Aventura is a an affiliate of Interval International, one of the largest international external exchange companies in the world. If you find a timeshare within their extensive network that you would like to book, you can simply call a Westin Aventuras customer representative to convert your Home Options to Interval International after paying the annual membership fee. Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort’s Premier resort ranking and Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa’s Elite resort ranking provide you with a higher trade value and will allow you to choose from most of the resorts within their inventory.

The perks and benefits of the Vistana Signature Network and StarPoints programs might have resale restrictions on the secondary market. Reach out to one of our seasoned timeshare specialists for more information.

Interested in Purchasing this Westin Timeshare Program?

You can have a luxurious, multi-destination timeshare vacation year after year at a fraction of the cost when you purchase on the secondary market. SellMyTimeshare’s specialists would love to help you achieve your dreams with an available Westin Aventuras timeshare resale or rental. Our marketplace is filled with deeply discounted timeshares and motivated owners looking to sell to excited vacationers like you. To learn more about how affordable our inventory of Westin Aventura timeshares can be, contact our experts today by calling (877) 815-4227.


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