Why People Love Adventure Travel
November 15th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

What is Adventure Travel?

When you think of adventure travel, words that come to mind may be: exciting, thrilling, high-energy, and an experience. Some people travel to relax and unwind from daily stressors, whereas those who are drawn to adventure travel may be seeking to experience risk, the road less traveled, an adrenaline rush, and just something more engaging than the average day to day life.

Adventure and travel go hand and hand to a certain extent, with the opportunity to explore new places. But true adventure is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” The added risk or potential hazard is what sets an adventure apart from general exploration of a new environment.

Why Adventure Travel is Good for You

Beyond a great adrenaline rush, there are a lot of great benefits to adventure travel that you may not even know about!

Adventure travel is good for your health. Generally involving some sort of outdoor experience, adventure travel can help aid conditions like heart disease, obesity, ADD and more. Doctors are telling people to get out into the world to improve their mental and physical health. Additionally, getting “dirty” has its advantages. Recently, there have been reports that our obsession with cleanliness is leading to a rise in allergies and asthma. Getting dirty leads to a stronger immune system, and what better way to do so than while engaging in adventure travel?

Adventures give you a raised tolerance for uncertainty. We can get so sucked in to our repetitive day to day routine that the unexpected can really throw us for a loop. By forcing yourself to participate in situations where things don’t always go as planned, it can help to prepare you to better cope with the uncertainties in life.

Adventure travel builds confidence. It is said that traveling starts with a dream, then with a plan, then the trip, then you share. The one thing that is for certain is traveling quickly becomes an addiction. You start out on one adventure and quickly yearn for another. Each new experience you endure builds your confidence and allows you to truly find yourself.

Going on an adventure fosters reflectiveness. In today’s busy world, we are seldom given the opportunity to reflect on our lives. When you experience a true adventure, you will spend many days reminiscing on your journey. Reliving your adventure time and time again gives you the capability to reflect and learn something from your experience.

Enjoy Adventure Travel for Less with a Timeshare

Not everyone can afford to go on regular exciting excursions. However, there is a better and more affordable way. Buying a timeshare resale gives you the opportunity to not only save thousands on a luxury vacation ownership property, but you’ll be able to enjoy more travel opportunities.

Vacation ownership no longer confines you to one week or one resort. Through points-based memberships and both internal and external exchange options, owning a timeshare gives you more flexibility than ever before. Experience a new destination every year, leaving plenty of opportunities for adventure and travel.


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