Why You Should Buy Timeshares in Europe
October 25th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Why Timeshares in Europe?

There are timeshares everywhere in the world, in virtually every destination you could ever dream of vacationing at. So what makes timeshares in Europe special? The truth is, a Europe timeshare offers the same perks and ownership benefits as other timeshare properties across the globe. But Europe, as a country, offers so many incredible vacation experiences—each with its own distinctive and unparalleled culture, attractions, and offerings.

Vacation in One-of-a-Kind Destinations

When shopping various Europe timeshares, you’ll find a number of great destinations to choose from including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and many others.

Each Europe timeshare destination has its own unique charm and culture for an uncompromised vacation experience. If you’re staying in France, visit the city of Paris for charming shops, cafes, and plenty of local history. Or in Ireland, you can discover ancient castles, rolling hills, and many breweries and distilleries.

Europe offers an incredibly diverse selection of locations. Consider your interests and travel preferences and you can uncover the best that the country has to offer.

Stay in High-End Accommodations

Timeshares in Europe offer incomparable accommodation options. Whether you are looking to travel with your spouse or have the whole family in tow, timeshare accommodations are certain to please.

For example, Belton Woods is a De Vere Resort Ownership property located on the beautiful countryside of England. Accommodations feature expansive suites with classic decor, full kitchens, and views of the on-site golf courses. Or Ferienclub Grundlsee in Austria is perfect for outdoor lovers. Their accommodations are warm and unique, like being away at an upscale cabin, and feature multi-bedroom layouts with multiple bathrooms.

Take Advantage of External Exchange

As the timeshare owner’s wants and needs have progressed over the years, so has the timeshare industry. Today’s traveler wants flexibility, especially when it comes to owning a timeshare property. No longer are owners stuck visiting one resort during the same week year after year. Timeshares now offer different floating weeks and points-based ownerships. However the most common way to make the most out of your ownership is through external exchange.

A majority of the timeshares in Europe are affiliated with either one of both leading external exchange companies—RCI and Interval International. When you purchase a timeshare at a resort affiliated with one of these external exchange companies, you have the option of purchasing an annual membership. With this membership, you are able to deposit your timeshare in exchange for a vacation at any resort in any destination. Meaning you can not only visit a number of incredible destinations across Europe, but other popular destinations like Florida, Aruba, Mexico, and beyond.

Save Big on Timeshare Europe Resales

Think you’re ready to buy a Europe timeshare? We make it easy and affordable to purchase one of these desirable units on the secondary market for thousands below retail. When you shop our Europe timeshares for sale, you’ll find hundreds of by-owner advertised properties at top resorts in the best possible locations. Start browsing now and utilize our convenient searches to narrow down various features based on your needs including price, unit size, affiliation, and more. Discover the adventures waiting for you at these amazing timeshares in Europe!


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