Your Guide to Plan with TAN Vacations
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All You Need to Know About a Plan with TAN Timeshare

Looking for a way to stay in luxury accommodations while you travel to top destinations, all for an affordable price? Look no further than Plan with TAN! Plan with TAN (Travel Advantage Network) is a vacation club that allows you to travel the world through their simple and flexible exchange as well as great deals on last minute accommodations.

About Travel Advantage Network

The “TAN” in Plan with TAN stands for Travel Advantage Network. This travel brand allows members to travel flexibly and book customized vacations within their extensive inventory. Some of the most popular resorts in their network include Grandview Las Vegas, Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, and Maui Banyan.

Travel Advantage Network offers Right To Use timeshares, meaning each ownership has a set number of years. This is very appealing to those looking to enjoy the timeshare lifestyle without the lifetime commitment.

Plan with TAN Member Benefits

If this sounds like the type of membership you’ve been seeking for your vacation lifestyle, it’s easy to take advantage of what Plan with TAN Vacations has to offer. From discounted trips to travel protection, Plan with TAN has you covered.

Bonus Weeks and Excess Inventory

Travel Advantage Network allows you to trade in your timeshare week with them and receive two bonus weeks in return. These two weeks will go directly into your account and you can use them as you wish to book future vacations.

In addition to Bonus Weeks, Travel Advantage Network also gives members access to their Excess Inventory. This inventory is a selection of Plan with TAN vacation properties available at steep discounts. This inventory is posted in real-time, by date, and tends to sell out quickly. Keep your eye on the Excess Inventory if you have the ability to travel on short notice as the savings will be significant!

Split Week Inventory

In addition to getting extra weeks, you can also split up your vacations. Travel Advantage Network allows members to split up their timeshare week so that they have the opportunity to take shorter, more frequent getaways throughout the year and experience different destinations.

Vacation Assurance Program

Plan with TAN Vacations also offers a great program for their members that provides travel insurance for annual trips. Life happens, and sometimes you can’t go on your vacation. If you have to cancel or reschedule, Travel Advantage Network ensures you won’t lose all the reservation fees you spent. The earlier you cancel or change your booking, the more fees you will get back. But the Vacation Assurance Program makes sure you can reserve your trips worry-free.

Shop Plan with TAN Timeshare Resales

To learn more about Plan with TAN Vacations, visit our Plan with TAN brand page. You can also shop highly discounted timeshare resales by searching our inventory of Plan with TAN timeshares for sale. Save big on this covet vacation club membership and enjoy incredible vacation experiences at the top travel destinations worldwide.

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