Interval International® Membership Types and Benefits

The Interval International exchange program is a unique and flexible timeshare exchange program which provides members with a wide variety of vacation benefits and services. The specific benefits associated with your Interval® membership depend on the type of membership you own and the level or tier of membership you own.

While each level of membership provides a distinct set of Interval International benefits, there are also many benefits which overlap between the different levels. It is important to understand which benefits are associated with each type and level of Interval membership before making a purchase, so you know exactly what to expect. is an independent resale marketplace where owners can advertise their Interval International® affiliated timeshares for sale and for rent. is not affiliated in any way with Interval International®, its parent company, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

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Understanding Interval Membership is not affiliated with Interval International, but we are able to provide you information on the company's memberships and benefits. The two main classifications of Interval International membership are Individual membership and Corporate membership:

  • Individual memberships are purchased voluntarily by a timeshare owner who chooses to enroll in the II exchange program. In this case, the member is responsible for renewing and maintaining their own membership each year.
  • Corporate memberships have been automatically included with the purchase of a timeshare, and the annual membership dues are paid by the owner's resort. The membership dues in this case are often included in the cost of the owner's annual maintenance fees.

Interval International Member Benefits

By becoming a member of Interval International's quality exchange network, you are putting yourself in good hands. Each level of membership comes with an array of benefits designed to make Interval exchanges as smooth as possible. No matter which level of II membership you choose to purchase, you will not be disappointed with the level of service and flexibility your Interval International membership provides.

Standard II Membership Benefits

A standard membership to Interval International includes a number of extraordinary travel benefits, including the opportunity to exchange your owned vacation interest with nearly two million timeshare owners just like you. In addition, standard level members have access to Interval's travel agency services through Interval Travel, which provides II members with assistance in booking flights, cruises, sightseeing tours, hotel rooms, and even renting cars. You may also purchase Guest Certificates at any time for friends and family at a very affordable price. Plus, you'll receive a variety of member coupons to use towards travel and leisure, as well as online discounts from Internet retailers. Members will also benefit from II Getaways, allowing for additional travel without having to deposit any of your time.

Want more out of your II membership? If at any time you decide you'd like to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum level of membership, you may do so for an additional fee.

Interval Gold Membership Benefits

Formerly known as Interval Preferred, the second tier of membership to Interval International is known as Interval Gold membership. Interval Gold members receive all of the great discounts and services that come with a standard level membership, as well as several additional benefits. Members receive $25 off already discounted resort rentals through II's Getaway program, without using any of their owned weeks or points. Plus, if you enroll in the free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, you'll receive up to two complimentary weekend rentals, and that's just the beginning of your member savings.

Interval Gold members also receive discounted prices on retail stores, restaurants, and select hotel reservations. Interval Gold members are also guaranteed VIP Concierge service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can expect nothing less than your best vacation every time you travel.

If you're looking to try something a little different, as an Interval Gold member, you can turn your week or points into a cruise, a spa vacation or a golf excursion with the Interval Options program. Or, if you want to split up your vacation time, Interval Gold members have the ability to utilize ShortStay Exchanges, allowing you to turn your regular vacation week into two shorter vacations between two to six nights long.

Interval Platinum Membership Benefits

Those looking to experience the maximum amount of benefits offered by II may choose to upgrade to a Platinum membership. This is the highest tier of membership within the Interval International timeshare exchange program.

As an II Platinum level member, you will receive $50 off every Getaway booked, vs. the $25 discount given to Interval Gold members. Platinum members may book vacation weeks at a discount by taking advantage of Platinum Escapes, a vacation program which is only available via special email invitation. Plus, you'll receive *Priority Getaway viewing, which provides exclusive access to search and reserve Getaways before lower tier Interval members.

Interval Platinum members also receive free Guest Certificates for the purpose of giving Getaways or vacation interests to friends and family as gifts, so you can share your vacations with those you love. Want to bring along a friend? Platinum members have the option to enroll in the Companion Airline Travel program, which allows for the purchase of one round-trip, coach-class ticket for an adult to a variety of approved cities, for which members will receive one free companion ticket.

Club Interval Gold

Although it is easy to confuse Club Interval Gold with the Interval Gold level of membership due to their similar names, it is important to understand that these are two separate memberships. Club Interval Gold is not a tier of membership, but an entirely different structure of membership available to II members. It is a points-based membership with distinct benefits, exchange rules, options and fees.
Learn more about Club Interval Gold.

Additional Membership Programs Available to Interval Members

In addition to the three tiers of II membership and Interval's points-based membership program, the following vacation programs are also available to II members:

The Getaway Program

The Getaway Program is available to all Interval International members, regardless of your membership tier. Interval International Getaways are discounted accommodations for seven nights at resorts within the II exchange network.

When available, Getaway reservations can be made without having to deposit weeks or points, and can be made up to one year prior to the check-in date. As noted above, Interval Gold members receive $25 off Getaways, while Interval Platinum members receive $50 off Getaways, in addition to Priority Getaway viewing.

The Golf Resort Program

For the golfer in your family, the Interval International Golf Resort Program is a great vacation option available to II members of all tiers. Participating members will receive a variety of discounts and benefits at golf resorts in some of the most popular vacation destinations around the world. All resorts participating in the Golf Resort Program are identified with a special emblem in the Interval International Resort Directory. All of the rules and restrictions which apply to regular exchanges within the II exchange program also apply to exchanging within the Golf Resort Program.

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