HGVC Member Benefits

Hilton is one of the most rewarding and popular timeshare organizations in the world. Aside from the luxury that accompanies the Hilton brand, HGVC owners also have access to a number of member benefits—with perks ranging from reservation bonuses to guest loyalty rewards. When you buy an HGVC timeshare, you could have access to many of these great benefits.

Hilton Grand Vacations Ownership Perks

Flexible Vacations

Through HGVC’s easy-to-use points system, you can create your dream vacation each year. Use your HGVC points to book accommodations at Hilton resorts, or exchange them through RCI to book anywhere in the world. Your choices for accommodations are nearly limitless.

HHonors Point Conversions

All HGVC members are automatically enrolled in Hilton’s loyalty rewards program, HHonors. An HGVC owner can use their HHonors points at any Hilton location to get freebies, extras, and giveaways during their stay.

Luxury Accommodations and Service

Hilton hotels and resorts consistently set the bar in terms of both luxury and customer service. As an HGVC owner, your vacations will be made easy by the wide range of amenities and friendly reception of the staff.

Stay at Affiliated Resorts

In addition to vacationing at luxurious Hilton resorts, you can also make

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reservations at one of HGVC’s many resort partners across the globe. Experience a different type of vacation each year by booking at popular resort chains such as Fiesta Americana Villas, Club Intrawest, and Hilton Resorts of Scotland. For a full list of locations, check out our HGVC resorts page.

Guest Reservations

As an HGVC member, you can make Hilton reservations for guests in addition to yourself. If the guest is immediate family, there will be no charge to do so. There will also be no charge to reserve in a guest's name during Home Week Season.

You can take advantage of all these benefits and more with an HGVC timeshare. Start by taking a look at our HGVC timeshare resale inventory today.