Massanutten Benefits

While buying a Massanutten timeshare resale does come with a great deal of benefits—including discounted prices and convenience—there is a slight difference in your actual ownership when buying a resale as opposed to one directly from the resort developer. This difference is in which timeshare membership benefits are allowed to be transferred on the resale market. Luckily, Massanutten has very few restrictions in regards to reselling a timeshare. However, it is still important to know what you will be getting when you buy a Massanutten timeshare resale.

Massanutten Resale Restrictions

Below, find out which benefits are given to resale owners.

Massanutten Benefits Resale Owners are Eligible For:

  • Internal Exchange
    Resale owners are allowed to exchange their timeshare week for any other Massanutten condo accommodations.
  • RCI Exchange
    Resale owners have the option to exchange their timeshare week for any other affiliated resort within the RCI network.
  • Reserve at Massanutten's Sister Resort
    The newest benefit to both original and resale owners is the ability to make discounted reservations at Massanutten's Sister Resort, Wilderness Presidential Resorts, located in the historic Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

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  • Visit any time!
    Whether you are an original or resale owner, Massanutten members are able to visit the resort year-round. While your deeded accommodations are only available to you during your owned week, you and your family are still allowed to come skiing, horseback riding, visit the waterpark, or enjoy any other on-site resort features at any point in the year.

Massanutten Benefits Resale Owners are NOT Eligible For:

  • All-inclusive Gold Card
    Resale owners do not receive Massanutten's exclusive Gold Card with their timeshare purchase. Gold Card holders are given a 20% discount on lift tickets and season passes. However, resale owners can apply for Gold Card membership separately.
  • Bonus weeks
    Any additional bonus weeks sold at the point of the original sale will not transfer over to the resale owner.
  • Any other undeeded benefits
    Free golf access, bonus time, ski tickets, or any other benefits that were given to the original owner but are not present on the timeshare deed will not transfer on the resale market.

For any further questions regarding which timeshare benefits transfer with a Massanutten timeshare resale before you buy, contact a timeshare specialist at 877-815-4227 or [email protected].