RCI Points

RCI has developed an easy-to-use points system to make timeshare exchange easier for its members. Depending on what kind of timeshare you own, you can receive a predetermined amount of RCI points each year to use on timeshare exchanges. RCI points give prospective timeshare buyers an idea of how much a certain timeshare will be worth on the exchange market, turning points into a method of rating RCI-affiliated timeshares.

Using RCI Points

When you purchase an RCI-affiliated timeshare, you can acquire an RCI membership to exchange your accommodations. Many timeshare owners do this every year, as it provides them with a system to explore new places and get the most out of their timeshare ownership. As opposed to RCI weeks, RCI points offers an easier way to understand timeshare exchange and how much deposit power your accommodations can earn for you. It also allows you to save points or borrow points, and use points on other travel-related costs.

If you choose to trade in your timeshare using RCI exchange, you'll have to get a points membership with RCI first. From there, you can choose from up to 7,000 resorts in the RCI directory to exchange with. You may also be able to spend points on multiple stays, or find other vacations like RCI cruises.

Buy RCI Points

If you're looking to buy RCI points, your best option is to buy an RCI timeshare resale for thousands less than you'd normally spend, and acquire an RCI membership after that. This will enable you to find the same great timeshare exchange solutions for likely half the price.

Sell RCI Points

If you currently own a timeshare at an RCI-affiliated resort, and want to sell your RCI points, you may want to consider selling it on the secondary market. If you're looking to end membership fees, yearly maintenance costs, and more, this may be the best course of action for you. You could sell your RCI timeshare and be done with your timeshare ownership altogether in just a few easy steps with SellMyTimeshareNow.com.

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