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If you've decided to try vacation ownership, buying a Starwood timeshare is an excellent choice. Starwood is perhaps best known as a global hotel chain, but they also offer opportunities for luxury timeshare ownership at a collection of highly rated resorts. Because of the demand and luxury of Starwood timeshare units, price tags can often rise beyond many vacationers' comfort levels. However, buying a Starwood timeshare resale will enable you to save money and retain the great benefits of Starwood timeshare ownership.

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There are a number of reasons why buying a Starwood timeshare will benefit you on your future vacations. To start, your Starwood timeshare purchase gives you a week at a beautiful resort every year. You can choose a unit size that is perfect for your needs, and a week that is ideal for your schedule. Starwood units range in size from studios to three bedroom villas.

You can also plan your vacations around your schedule. You'll have the choice between buying a fixed week or floating week. A fixed week will guarantee that your vacation is during the same week each year, while a floating week gives you more flexibility when scheduling your vacations.

Some Starwood resorts will include StarOptions with your purchase. These allow you to exchange your timeshare within the Starwood network. To learn more about using StarOptions, read about Starwood points and exchanges. All Starwood resorts are available to trade with Interval International or another external exchange company.

What To Consider When Buying Starwood Timeshare

If you are looking for the most flexibility in your vacation ownership, you should consider buying a StarOptions Mandatory timeshare. These Starwood resorts provide points, called StarOptions, to use for exchanging your resort. There are currently six StarOptions Mandatory resorts:

Only StarOptions Mandatory resorts will allow you to use StarOptions to exchange your timeshare. If you buy timeshare at another Starwood resort, known as StarOptions Voluntary, you may still use an external exchange company such as Interval International to trade your timeshare with another resort. Buy Starwood points on the resale market today to save thousands off your annual retreats.

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