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Interval International Timeshare

Boasting approximately 2 million members and over 2,900 affiliated resorts stretching across more than 80 countries, Interval International is the second largest timeshare exchange company in the industry. If you'd like to learn more about buying, selling or renting an Interval International timeshare, or if you're looking for information on becoming a member of the Interval International exchange network, can help you find answers to all of your questions.

What is Interval International?

Interval International (II) is an international timeshare exchange program which has been providing timeshare owners all over the world with flexible vacation options for over 25 years. While II-affiliated resorts are not owned by Interval International, II takes the time necessary to make sure that each and every resort within its network meets the high standards set by its Quality Rating System. Therefore, when you stay at an Interval International-affiliated resort, you can rest easy knowing you're enjoying the absolute best in quality and comfort in the vacation industry.

About Interval International Membership

Interval International membership provides timeshare owners with the ability to stay at any one of the quality timeshare resorts within its network, allowing members to visit exciting vacation destinations around the world. Interval International offers three levels of week-based memberships—Standard, Gold, and Platinum—in addition to the Interval International points-based membership, Club Interval Gold. On top of having access to Interval International timeshares in some of the most desirable travel destinations, members also enjoy a wide variety of other II vacation opportunities including cruises, golf retreats, and discounts on many other activities and amenities.

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We've taken the time to put together a comprehensive collection of information about the benefits associated with an Interval timeshare, including exchange rules, restrictions, and membership and exchange fees. Find out why so many timeshare owners choose to become a part of this highly regarded vacation exchange network.

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Find detailed information about the different types of Interval International memberships available.

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Get an in-depth explanation of Interval International's flexible, points-based exchange program—Club Interval Gold.

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Discover the many ways to exchange your timeshare ownership within the Interval International exchange network.

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Learn about the benefits of buying Interval timeshares on the resale market.

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