Vacation Village Resorts Exchange

Vacation Village Resorts provides owners with great flexibility and multiple external exchange options when they decide on their future trips.

Whether you are a fixed-week, floating-week, or points-based owner, you can choose from over 50 Vacation Village Resort locations as well as trade with one of thousands of comparable RCI affiliated resorts with RCI exchange. Perhaps you love your cozy lodge at Vacation Village in the Berkshires, but want to speed up the pace in Las Vegas this year. You can get there easily by trading your week or points.

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RCI Exchange Perks

Enjoy the following exchange perks as a Vacation Village timeshare owner with the flexibility of RCI exchange:

  • Higher priority to exchange within the Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates network
  • A discount of $60 on domestic internal exchanges (regularly $199)
  • Built-in RCI membership with the cost of your Vacation Village Resorts timeshare

Additionally, RCI is the world's leading timeshare exchange company, with a selection of nearly 4,500 destinations in over 100 countries. If you are still looking for more exchange opportunities, however, you may also enroll with companies like Platinum Interchange or Interval International.

Exchange Guidelines

It is best to request your exchange reservation as far in advance as possible, so that RCI has a better chance of finding your desired resort and date. RCI can book exchanges as early as 2 years in advance based on availability, and can confirm as close as 2 days before check-in.

Are you ready to exchange your timeshare and experience more vacation options? Weeks owners can call RCI's Vacation Village Resort specialists at 1-800-585-4860 and Points owners can call 1-866-724-3333 to get started.

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