2016 Interval International Membership Fees
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Last year, we filled you in on the 2015 Interval International membership fees. As the fees change each year, we wanted to make sure you had the most up-to-date information on the 2016 Interval International membership fees and everything that comes with them.

If you want flexibility and greater options with where and when you want to vacation each year, being an Interval International member is your perfect solution.

To become a member, you must understand that there are fees beyond the additional membership and upgrade fees. Be sure to educate yourself before becoming a member to ensure that it is something that will benefit you and that you can afford.

Interval International Membership Fees

In order to be a member of Interval International’s exchange program, you must pay the basic membership fee of $89. This fee will cover you for one full year of membership starting from the day you purchase it. If you wish to upgrade the discounts and benefits you receive through your II membership, you can choose from two additional levels of II membership. You must pay an upgrade fee in addition to the basic membership fee to get them.

Interval Gold Membership Cost

The yearly upgrade fee for an Interval Gold status membership is $64. Your total Interval Gold membership cost adds up to be $153 per year with the basic membership fee. However, you can choose to purchase a multi-year membership and save money in the process.

Interval Platinum Membership Cost

The annual upgrade fee for an Interval Platinum status membership is $139. With the basic membership fee, your Interval Platinum membership costs $228. You can also save money when you purchase a multi-year Platinum membership.

Interval International Membership Cost Comparison Charts

The following charts show the costs associated with all the above types of Interval International memberships:

Membership Type Cost
Basic Membership Fee $89
Basic Membership Fee + Interval Gold Upgrade Fee $153
Basic Membership Fee + Platinum Upgrade Fee $228

The chart below shows you the discounts available for 3-year and 5-year membership purchases for each level of II membership:

Membership Type Cost (if paid upfront) Cost (if paid year by year) Savings
3-Year Basic Membership Fee $227 $267 $40
5-Year Basic Membership Fee $356 $445 $89
3-Year Basic Membership Fee + Interval Gold Upgrade Fee $390 $459 $69
5-Year Basic Membership Fee + Interval Gold Upgrade Fee $612 $765 $153
3-Year Basic Membership Fee + Platinum Upgrade Fee $581 $684 $103
5-Year Basic Membership Fee + Platinum Upgrade Fee $912 $1,140 $228

Interval International Membership Renewal

Being a part of Interval International is completely voluntary, and renewing your II membership each year is as simple as continuing to pay your regular membership fees and/or upgrade fees upon expiration each year. You can decide to enroll in the Automatic Renewal Option, where your renewal dues will be charged automatically each year, unless you cancel your membership in writing prior to your renewal date. If you don’t renew your membership within 120 days after the expiration date of your most recent membership, you may be required to pay a $200 Re-admission Fee to have your membership reinstated.

To extend your membership on a week-to-week basis, you must pay a fee of $39 for each week you add to your existing membership. If you choose to do this, the expiration date of your current membership does not change. If you pay an additional year’s dues ($89) on your existing membership, the $39 processing fee will be waived and the additional week will be added to your account, along with another year of membership.

The Interval membership fees listed above apply to those residing in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean only. Different membership and exchange fees may apply to those who reside elsewhere, as they are determined separately by local Interval International offices. Taxes may apply to any of the member fees listed above and are due at the time of purchase.

Interval International Exchange Fees

In addition to your basic membership fee and an upgrade fee for Interval Gold or Platinum level membership, you also must pay an Exchange Fee for each week exchanged. The exchange fee is $189 per week exchanged, and that is paid at the time the exchange request is made. Members who choose to use IntervalWorld.com to make an exchange request will be eligible for a $10 discount on the fee per week requested, making the cost $179 per week.

If you choose to use the Deposit First exchange method and want to extend your Redemption Window, you will have to pay a deposit extension fee of $99 for a 6-month extension, and $189 for a one year extension.

Interval also offers a convenient E-Plus program that allows you to re-trade your vacation interest(s) up to 3 times and up to 24 hours prior to the check-in date of your requested exchange dates. This option is perfect for making last minute changes to your vacation destination, your specific resort, or even your travel dates. To purchase E-Plus, you must pay $54 per exchange request or confirmation.

If you are looking to upgrade your unit-size, you must pay an additional $99 fee per step-up in unit size (plus tax). Interval Gold members pay a fee of $79, and Interval Platinum members pay a fee of $59.

Guest Certificates

There is no cost for Guest Certificates for Interval Platinum members. For basic II members and Interval Gold members, there is a $59 fee per Guest Certificate, which is paid at the time it is requested. The fee will be refunded if the Guest Certificate is not issued.

ShortStay Exchange Fees

Interval International’s ShortStay Exchange fees are as follows:

Duration of Stay Call Center Transaction Online Transaction
1 night $149 $129
2 nights $159 $139
3-4 nights $169 $149
5-6 nights $179 $159

The above ShortStay Exchange fees, plus any taxes which may apply, are due at the time the ShortStay Exchange request is confirmed. ShortStay Exchange Fees are non-refundable.

Interval International Getaways Prices

Interval Getaways prices start at $224 per week, and can be purchased on Interval’s website at www.IntervalWorld.com. You can receive a discounts on Getaways if you are an Interval Gold and Platinum level members.

All membership fees and resort fees must be current for members to participate in any benefits of the Interval International exchange program.

For more information on Interval International fees, program benefits, or how to purchase an II membership, contact one of our independent timeshare resale specialists at 1-877-815-4227.


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