Customer Service Week: Answering Your Questions about SMTN
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The first week in October is Customer Service Week, a period dedicated to celebrating the hard work of customer service professionals and an opportunity to provide the very best convenience for customers. We recognize that the world of vacation ownership and timeshare resales can be complex and confusing—some topics can be vague and require a good deal of research to come up with a satisfactory answer. So, in light of Customer Service Week, we put together this blog post with some of our most frequently asked questions to provide some clarity on what we offer to current timeshare owners and prospective resale buyers.

Can I really sell my timeshare online?

Yes! SellMyTimeshareNow features an active online marketplace for timeshare resales and rentals, with offers being delivered to owners every day. Our inventory garners thousands of hits from interested buyers every month, and our informative resale and rental advertisements are designed to bring offers straight to you. In 2016 alone, we saw 63,000 inquires about timeshare resales and rentals combine for more than $269 million in confirmed offers!

I’ve heard my timeshare isn’t worth anything. Is that true?

That’s false. Timeshares command different values on the resale and rental markets, depending on availability, number of similar advertisements, and other factors like resort location and affiliation. Some timeshare resales on our site are priced in the six-figure range, creating a high ceiling and competitive marketplace. To determine how much your timeshare is worth, we can help you get a free market valuation today.

How does your service work?

It’s simple! We help you create a high-quality advertisement for your unwanted timeshare and assist you in determining a good value for it. Once your ad is up, you take the reins—offers from interested buyers are delivered straight to you, where you can negotiate a selling price that satisfies you. From there, we recommend you and your buyer to a trusted and licensed timeshare closing company to finish the sale. Read more about selling your timeshare and reach out to us today!

Is SMTN a good place to buy timeshares, too?

Absolutely! Like we mentioned above, our active online marketplace for timeshare resales features thousands of ads posted by owners looking to get rid of their ownership. Thanks to our innovative for-sale-by-owner process, you can make an offer on a timeshare you like and communicate directly with the owner to settle on a price. Plus, we feature timeshare accommodations from trusted, upscale brands like Marriott Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Disney Vacation Club, and more.

Is renting a timeshare a good alternative to booking a hotel room?

Timeshare rentals can provide you with a distinct vacation experience you may not otherwise get from basic hotel accommodations. Most timeshare ownership units take the form of entire suites, meaning you’ll often get more space and more premium amenities to enjoy during your trip. Additionally, if you have a flexible window for embarking on a vacation, you can find spectacular last-minute deals and find luxury rooms for less. For interested buyers, renting a timeshare first can be a good way to try before you buy!

Check Out Other FAQs on SMTN

At SMTN, we hope to answer all of your questions pertaining to selling your timeshare, buying a resale, or renting one for your next trip. Take a look at our frequently asked questions page to learn more about our company and services, or reach out to a representative at 1-877-815-4227 today!


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