Introducing: RCI Club 365
April 6th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners, Industry News

Last week, the world’s leading external exchange company, RCI, unveiled their latest membership program known as RCI Club 365.

This new program provides both travel and general lifestyle benefits that will add value to current owners’ memberships and give them more opportunities to take advantage of. A variety of discounts are offered on things such as hotel vacations, cruise getaways, wine, shopping, and more.

“Club 365 is a seamless option to transition non-buyers to an enticing exit program, or serve as an impactful add-on benefit for purchasers,” said Fiona Downing, senior vice president of Business Development for RCI North America, Canada and the Caribbean. “The suite of offerings can increase consumer satisfaction and provide affiliates with an additional revenue source. This is the latest in a long line of tools we are bringing to the sales table to help our resort partners grow their businesses.”

RCI already offers a slew of member benefits to its members, and RCI Club 365 just further proves their committment to customer value and satisfaction. The “365” implies that members are able to take advantages of these benefits and discounts year-round, rather than just when they are traveling.

From a business standpoint, RCI is easily able to use RCI Club 365 as a selling point to gain future members. The program will undoubtedly add value to the core membership, serve as an incentive, and even attract new prospects. But selling tactics aside, RCI consistently works to add more and more value into their products to ensure owners have a good and positive experience using the many services of RCI.

Are you already an RCI member? RCI Club 365 will be integrated seamlessly into the current member and prospect technology. Members can expect access to an impressive selection of travel services, merchandise, and other goods. You will also get:

  • Huge discounts on over 150,000 hotels with zero blackout dates
  • Great deals of thousands of cruises
  • Special member pricing on wines in the U.S.

Additionally, RCI Club 365 members are able to earn credits by making transactions on things such as maintenance fees to make it easier for you to take advantage of more of the Club’s benefits.

If you’re not an RCI member but are looking to become one, you can start by purchasing an RCI affiliated timeshare from the vast network of RCI affiliated resorts. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to call one of our knowledgeable RCI resale specialists at 1-877-815-4227.


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