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You may have heard that changes are coming to the Starwood vacation ownership branch. The Blog has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the changes taking place, and have provided answers to help Starwood timeshare owners understand exactly what is happening and how it will affect your ownership—alongside brief moments in the history of Starwood and the timeshare industry.

What is Happening to Starwood Vacation Ownership?

Starwood is spinning off its vacation ownership brand into its own publicly-traded company. That new company will be known as Vistana Signature Experiences, and will further create and offer unique and exceptional vacation experiences.

At first glance, this just seems like a simple rebrand—something timeshare resorts and vacation clubs do regularly. However, the spin-off of Starwood Vacation Ownership into its own company has owners wanting to know more about the transition.

Why “Vistana Signature Experiences?”

According to Starwood, the new name of Vistana Signature Experiences is meant to invoke a feeling of familiarity, excellence, and exciting new opportunities. “Vistana” reflects the forward-looking mission of the company, while “Signature Experiences” speaks to creating travel experiences that are special and unique.

The throwback to the Vistana name is curious for a number of reasons. As you can see above, the Vistana Resort was one of the earliest timeshare resorts, and has been one of Starwood’s most popular properties in the Orlando area. Many believe this to mean a return to basics for the new company, while still moving the industry forward.

When Will Vistana Signature Experiences Become Official?

Starwood has already begun filling out the appropriate paperwork (Form 10) with the Securities and Exchange Commission to establish the new company. Once the transition is complete, Starwood Vacation Ownership will immediately become Vistana Signature Experiences. Expect the new company to take over in late 2015.

What exactly is a Form 10? This particular form issued by the SEC is also known as a General Form for Registration of Securities. It is the initial paperwork filed by a business who publicly seeks investment. Since Vistana Signature Experiences is spinning off into its own publicly-traded company, it will need to file these forms complete with financial information and business goals.

What Can I Expect from Vistana Signature Experiences?

Starwood has not revealed much about its plans for VSE, but we can expect a few new changes to come in the future. One rumor involves Starwood transferring some of its non-timeshare properties into the program. These properties could include some resorts in Hawaii and Mexico, opening up more opportunities for Starwood timeshare owners.

One important thing to note is that Westin and Sheraton properties will be available through the VSE program. This is due to an agreement between the new Vistana Signature Experiences and Starwood outlined in their Form 10. The inclusion of these recognizable hotel and resort chains will ensure that VSE can provide the same services to owners as Starwook Vacation Ownership did.

How Will the Change Affect My Ownership?

Owners shouldn’t see any major immediate changes to their ownership, aside from the name of the program they are members of. Any changes that affect your ownership will likely be communicated to you by representatives at Vistana Signature Experiences.

It seems that timeshare owners will have to wait and see how things work out for Vistana Signature Exchanges. In the meantime, Starwood Vacation Ownership members can still sell timeshares online and rent them out with Feel free to contact a representative today with questions or concerns.

Update: Read about Interval Leisure Group buying Vistana Signature Experiences on our blog.


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