RCI Membership Fees 2020-2021
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RCI Membership Fees for 2020-2021

Worldwide leader in external exchange for timeshare resorts, RCI (Resort Condominiums International) offers incredible opportunities for timeshare owners that have a timeshare at an affiliated resort. Featuring an inventory of thousands of top-rated affiliated timeshare resorts located across the globe, RCI members have the opportunity to exchange their timeshare for a vacation at any other RCI affiliated property, providing virtually endless travel and vacation opportunities.

Becoming an RCI member is quite simple. If you own a timeshare at an affiliated resort, you are able to purchase an RCI membership and take advantage of their services and other member benefits. Of course, there are RCI membership fees that you have to pay to enjoy these benefits, and the RCI member fees tend the change on a yearly basis. We want to keep you updated on these RCI membership fees so you can be in the know and be able to enjoy what RCI has to offer!

RCI Member Fees – Weeks

The basic RCI Weeks membership offers a number of benefits and upgrade possibilities. If you own a fixed or floating timeshare week, this is the membership for you, with the opportunity to deposit your week in exchange for another. Members have the option to pay their RCI fees annually at $99 per year or pre-pay up to five years at a discounted rate.

  • 1 year – $99
  • 2 years – $179 (10 percent savings)
  • 3 year – $249 (16 percent savings)
  • 5 years – $399 (19 percent savings)

Managing RCI Weeks Deposits

If you want to extend your deposit window, there are additional fees that will apply.

  • 1 Month Deposit Extension – $49
  • 3 Month Deposit Extension – $89
  • 6 Month Deposit Extension – $119
  • 12 Month Deposit Extension – $139

RCI Member Fees – Points

The RCI Points membership is great for those who own a points-based timeshare and offers plenty of vacation exchange flexibility with the opportunity for membership upgrades. This membership also comes with a complimentary RCI weeks account. Unlike weeks, a points membership allows you to divide your vacation time into multiple smaller trips rather than being locked into a week. The annual fees for RCI Points are as follows:

  • 1 year – $124
  • 2 year – $229
  • 3 year – $321
  • 4 year – $409
  • 5 year – $499

RCI Points Extension and Protection Fees

Like weeks, you can extend and save your points for a later time. You will have to pay fees based on the number of points you own if you wish to utilize these services.

  • Points Saving Fee – $36
  • Points Extension (less than or equal to 30,000) – $95
  • Points Extension (More than 30,000 points) – $135

You can also purchase RCI Points Protection to ensure a 100-percent refund on points spent that don’t get used.

  • 1-2 Nights – $44
  • 3-4 Nights – $54
  • 5+ Nights – $64

RCI Exchange Fee

In addition to regular RCI membership fees, there are fees for making exchanges within their network of resort affiliates. These fees vary based on week resort reservations as well as vacation duration.

  • Home Week Reservation (7 nights) – no charge
  • Home Resort Reservation (7 nights) – $50
  • RCI Points Reservation 14+ nights – $288
  • RCI Points Reservation: 7-13 nights – $209
  • RCI Points Reservation: 6 nights – $199
  • RCI Points Reservation: 5 nights – $179
  • RCI Points Reservation: 4 nights – $139
  • RCI Points Reservation: 3 nights – $109
  • RCI Points Reservation: 2 nights – $79
  • RCI Points Reservation: 1 night – $59
  • RCI Weeks Reservation (7 nights) – $239

Miscellaneous RCI Member Fees

There are a number of other benefits you can enjoy through RCI that will require a nominal fee. One unique feature of RCI is the ability to gift a vacation to a family member or friend, known as a Gift Certificate. This gives a loved one the chance to book a vacation at a resort within the RCI network, transferring your membership for the year. This can be used for both points and weeks members.

  • One Time Guest Certificate – $89
  • 5-Year Guest Pass – $179

RCI members can also enjoy Last Call Vacations, last-minute week-long getaway opportunities that are available to book within 45 days of check-in. There are also cruise vacations offered through RCI as well that can be booked anytime.

  • Last Call Vacations: Studio ($269), One-Bedroom ($294), Two-Bedroom ($319)
  • Cruise Exchange (20,000 Points): $149

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