Reasons to Consider Buying a Timeshare Resale
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Reasons to Consider Buying a Timeshare Resale

Timeshares have long been known to provide families with a great way to go on annual vacations and make a lifetime of wonderful memories. However, buying a timeshare directly from the resort developer can be extremely costly. There are many reasons why travelers interested in vacation ownership should consider purchasing a timeshare resale, but maybe you don’t know where to start. If you’re wondering how to buy a timeshare resale, follow this guide to see just how easy the buying process is.

What is a Timeshare Resale?

A timeshare resale is a timeshare that is being sold by its original owner through a secondary marketplace. Owners will purchase timeshares from the resort and then sell them when they no longer use or want them.

Why buy a timeshare resale? When you buy on the resale market, you save thousands. This is because resort developers tack on hefty fees, sales commissions, and taxes that drastically drive up the price. Timeshares are not investment properties and do not accrue value, and as such, timeshare resales are advertised at a fraction of the retail price—an upwards of 70% less!

Timeshare resales can be purchased at virtually any timeshare resort. You are able to buy < a href="">fixed and floating weeks on the secondary market as well as points-based timeshares. This gives you the flexibility to shop around for the exact ownership you want, rather than only getting one option from the developer.

If you have more questions about timeshare resales, visit our timeshare resale FAQ page.

Perks of Buying a Timeshare Resale

Besides the price tag, there are so many benefits to buying a timeshare resale. Buying a timeshare from a resort can be stressful, as the sales reps tend to put pressure on you to get the sale and get it fast.

Also, if you are sitting in a timeshare presentation, you only have the option to buy a timeshare at that specific resort. When shopping on the timeshare resale market, you are able to browse thousands of advertisements at resorts all across the world. You can utilize filters to narrow inventory down by location, resort brand, accommodation size, price point, amenities offered, and so much more. This way, you can find the perfect timeshare that is right for you and your family.

Another perk to buying a timeshare resale is the opportunity to try before you buy. Timeshare resales aren’t the only thing offered on the secondary market, you can also find timeshare rentals that you can peruse. Timeshare rentals are made available when an owner doesn’t want to sell but isn’t able to visit their property in a given year. They oftentimes will advertise the timeshare to cover maintenance fees, resulting in an incredible deal. If you are unsure you want to buy at a specific resort, rent a week there first and see it for yourself without any high-pressure sales pitches.

The resale market will often feature inventory from sold-out resorts, meaning you wouldn’t even be able to buy the timeshare from the developer! Popular brands like Disney Vacation Club have numerous resorts that are completely sold out, and the only way to buy them is by shopping the secondary market.

Cons of Buying a Timeshare Resale

As with anything, there are some cons to buying a timeshare resale. While you can find virtually any timeshare ownership on the resale market, you may not always get all the perks and benefits that come with retail ownership.

The timeshare industry and certain developers will put resale restrictions in the timeshare contracts to discourage owners from selling on the resale market. These restrictions will state that owners can buy specific perks but cannot sell them. This includes things like not being able to internally exchange within a vacation club, extra membership discounts, or being able to upgrade a membership status.

It is important to consider whether these extra perks are worth having before you decide whether or not to buy on the resale market. If you want the added benefits, you just have to understand you will be paying significantly more for the ownership.

It is also worth noting that certain exchange restrictions can be worked around with the option to utilize external timeshare exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. Many timeshare resorts are affiliated with one or both of these companies and by purchasing an annual membership, you can utilize their timeshare exchange services. Both companies are affiliated with thousands of top-rated resorts across the globe, giving you virtually endless travel options through your timeshare ownership.

How to Buy a Timeshare Resale

If you decide that a timeshare resale is right for you, the buying process is very simple and straightforward. Follow these basic steps on how to buy a timeshare resale and you’ll be the proud owner of a timeshare in no time.

  1. Browse resale inventory – Learn about all the different resorts and brands there are and what they have to offer owners. Use the filters to narrow down various timeshare resale features based on your wants and needs.
  2. Make an offer – When you find an ad you like, you have the option to accept the price as advertised, or make an offer. Owners are often motivated to sell and are open to negotiation.
  3. Finalize the sale – Once a price is agreed upon, you can move forward with the closing process. Licensed timeshare resale experts will guide you through the process and refer you to Timeshare Closing Services, a trusted closing company to complete the legal process of transferring the property to you.

That’s it! Buying a timeshare resale should be an uncomplicated, streamlined process with zero hassle.

Buy a Timeshare With a Trusted Reseller

Not every company is legitimate, and you want to be aware of scams out there when shopping for a timeshare resale. Be sure to do your research and be diligent when browsing the web.

SellMyTimeshareNow has been in business for 20 years and has long been a leader in the timeshare resale industry. We’ve been trusted by thousands looking to sell, buy, or rent timeshares. With thousands of positive reviews on reputable review sites such as Consumer Affairs, Reseller Ratings, and Trust Pilot, we have produced results time and time again to earn respect among our clients and in the industry.

Shop our inventory of timeshares for sale today and find your perfect timeshare resale for a lifetime of memorable vacations. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help buying a timeshare.

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