Seven Days, Seven Ways to Vacation in Park City This Winter
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We all need a vacation every now and then, whether it be to take our minds off of work or the unrelenting whirlwind of life in general. But even time away relaxing can seem long when it’s not properly planned, and there’s nothing more of a drag than a vacation that grows stale.

So break up the monotony with a winter vacation filled with fun activities and new experiences. Take advantage of the fresh powder with an all-day ski trip, try out some new dishes and appetizers at local restaurants or shop around at neighboring shops in town. You can even jump on a sled and travel on an interactive dogsledding tour through the wilderness (see adorable dogs above).

The point is, there’s so much to do during a winter vacation. But without the proper planning, you might find yourself cooped up in your room wishing you knew what to do next. That’s where Park City comes in…

Why Park City, Utah For Your Next Vacation?

It’s assumed that a majority of people prefer some place hot and sunny for their winter vacation to get away from the snow and cold. But why shut out one of nature’s most important seasons? Embrace it by getting involved in some extreme activities that only snowy climates would allow for!

Utah has a great reputation for being one of the most premier places to ski in the country and, possibly, the world. Park City in particular is home to some of the most well-known ski resorts in the area, and it’s no accident that skiers from all over the globe flock there every winter for a special outdoor adventure during their vacation.

Park City, however, has so much more to offer for people who don’t just ski and snowboard. The city is full of outdoor adventures that many people might have on their bucket lists, everything from zip line tours to dogsledding and beyond.

With so many fun experiences to be had, it’s important to keep an efficient schedule. Well, leave it to us; we’ve built a great schedule for you, a loved one, and a family to enjoy this winter vacation:

Day 1: Visit One of the Many Park City Mountains

Given the state’s reputation, it’s hard to pass up the quality slopes that inhabit the town. There are plenty of Park City mountains to choose from, including Deer Valley Resort, which was rated the number one ski resort in North America by Ski Magazine.

A prime location for skiers and snowboarders, Deer Valley also has very unique attractions like guided snowmobile tours and NASTAR races, both of which are held during the daylight hours. Looking for something to eat before, during or after your runs? Deer Valley has several restaurants at the base, mid-mountain area, and upper-mountain area.

Day 2: Embark on an Outdoor Adventure

After you’ve scratched the itch to ski, take some time to explore your new surroundings with a guided snowshoeing tour. Utah Outdoor Adventures offers snowshoe tours that travel deep into the Park City mountain range. The tours are perfect for beginners looking to get their mountain legs or for advanced snowshoers looking for a good workout.

Day 3: Shop ‘Til the Temperatures Drop

Take a day to rest and check out the more commercial parts of Park City. Park City has a rich history, which visitors can explore on Main Street. There are several shops along the street which feature art, clothing, jewelry, books, treats, outdoor gear and more. Main street also has several different kinds of restaurants for every kind of taste bud imaginable—everything from pub food to mexican platters to steakhouse delicacies to italian dishes.

Looking for something to do after you’ve put the kids to bed? Come down to Main Street for the town’s luxurious nightlife. Enjoy a handful of bars, a vibrant music scene, and plenty of dancing! Get your freak on! Responsibility, though, so you can enjoy the next day’s activity!

Day 4: Partake in the Winter (Vacation) Olympics

Fall right back into the action with the Utah Olympic Park. Experience extreme sports like the pros do. Try out the winter comet bobsled, the park’s flagship winter activity. Guests ages 16 and up have the opportunity to ride down an actual track which was used in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The Utah Olympic Park also offers some more laid back ways to be active. Explore all of the park’s free museums, nature trails, and fun obstacle courses like the Discovery Zone and Mountain Challenge. More of a winter sport spectator? The park also hosts a series of winter sport competitions including the skeleton, bobsledding, luging, Nordic skiing, freestyle aerials and more.

Day 5: Ain’t No Flaws With a Day at the Spa

Today is a day for total relaxation. You’ve been exploring, trying new things, and on your feet for several hours. Now, it’s all about you and channeling the utmost relaxation you can physically endure. Park City has a number of spas around town that accommodate for any travellers interests and budget. The spas range from affordable to the utmost luxurious, but rest assured (no pun intended), this will serve as an excellent recovery for last couple days of your trip.

Day 6: Jingle Bells Over at the Park City Mountain Resort

Of course for Americans, one of the things that is synonymous with winter is Christmas spirit. So why not celebrate at Park City Mountain? The resort hosts a series of horse-drawn sleigh rides which take riders through the beautiful landscapes of snowy Park City. There are also other ways to see Park City’s winter wilderness wonderland. For a more aerial view of the city, zip on over to the resort’s winter zip line tour, or for something a little more fast-paced, try out the dogsledding tours. Any way you see the Park City mountains is always the right way to experience the Beehive State.

Day 7: Curtain Call

We know; the last day of the trip is always the hardest to enjoy. So why not take your mind off of it with some top-quality performances! Spend your last day with a trip to the Egyptian Theatre on Main Street in Park City. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a number of performances that the theatre has to offer. The Theatre hosts a number of performances, including stand-up comedy, musicals, dramas, Shakespearian plays, orchestra concerts, holiday sing-a-longs and much more! Check the schedule for a complete list of performances and shows.

Well, now you’ve got a complete activities schedule. Only one more thing left to think about: where are you going to stay? has an enormous list of timeshare rentals available for you and your travelling partners this winter. Renting a timeshare for your vacation will offer you all of the amenities of owning your own space at the resorts without paying the astronomical fees imposed by the constantly fluctuating hotel market.

Don’t let boredom keep you locked in your house. Let help you have a excellent winter vacation with a trip to Park City, UT. Check out our list of available timeshare rentals today, or call us at 877-815-4227 to get more information on how to get started planning your special winter vacation into the breath-taking Park City mountains. Want to make this an annual trip? There are also plenty of opportunities to buy a Park City Timeshare to keep your spirits up every winter!


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