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Fractional Ownership Vs Timeshare: What’s Right for You?
March 27th 2018

Fractional Ownership Vs Timeshare Did you know there is more than one type of vacation ownership? This goes beyond fixed, floating, and points-based ownerships. When searching for a vacation property, you can choose what style ownership you want. You get to pick fractional vs timeshare. What is a Timeshare? Most people are familiar with timeshare […]

New Orleans 4th of July is the Hippest Weekend in the Country
June 22nd 2016

Ahhh, New Orleans. Arguably one of the few cities in America where the culture is all it’s own; everything from music to food to dancing and more. It’s unique culture makes it one of the hottest spots for travelers to vacation to for so many reasons. According to some recent statistics, because of the unique […]

Vidanta Wins Acclaimed Recognition 2016 Travel + Leisure Mexico Awards
June 7th 2016

Vidanta is officially a fan favorite amongst resorts in Mexico. The country’s leading resort operator and tourism developer won two prestigious 2016 Travel + Leisure Mexico Hotel Awards. The best resorts in Mexico. Vidanta allows travelers access to some of Mexico’s greatest amenities. Come see what all the critical acclaim is about!

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New Year, New Travel Goals
January 14th 2016

Did you know that just two years ago, a terrible trend was on the rise in the U.S.? Americans were forfeiting their vacation time each year. One report showed that unused vacation time was at a 40-year high in the U.S., with the equivalent of about $224 billion going to companies. Meaning, employees’ were giving […]

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