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You may or may not know that one of the best parts of timeshare ownership is the ability to exchange your week for a vacation at a different resort each year, if you so choose. Maybe you are wondering how that’s possible, or maybe you purchased a timeshare resale and are dealing with exchange restrictions. Regardless of if you are a new or seasoned timeshare owner, everyone should know about the leading external exchange company and what they have to offer their members—Resort Condominiums International, or better known as RCI.

What is RCI?

RCI is the world’s largest timeshare exchange company. For an annual fee, timeshare owners at RCI affiliated properties can gain access to their extensive network of resorts.

Simply put, RCI gives you the chance to travel to more places, experience new and exciting resorts, and make the most out of your timeshare ownership!

RCI is affiliated with more than 7,000 vacation ownership resorts, and their network continues to grow. With an RCI membership, you can truly go just about anywhere.

Beyond that convenience and fun that is timeshare exchange, RCI offers a variety of member benefits to further enhance your vacations! Benefits include things like extra vacation chances, last call vacations, cruises, and travel services.

RCI Points and RCI Weeks

If you own a timeshare, you likely own some sort of week (floating or fixed), or you have points that you use to reserve your vacations. Because of this, RCI offers two exchange options to fit your ownership and vacation needs.

To use RCI Points, you can deposit your week or points with RCI and recieve a certain number of RCI points to use (value of your points to RCI points varies), or even save to use at a later date. Points give you a lot of flexibility to book a longer or shorter vacation. As an RCI member, you can also use points for travel discounts and cruise vacations.

With RCI Weeks, there is a similar process that involves you depositing your week for a week at an RCI-affiliated resort. You can even trade your week for a week with lower trading value and use the “leftover” amount for a second vacation, including a cruise!


RCI and Timeshare Resale

A lot of resort brands and vacation clubs offer timeshare owners the ability to exchange internally. This means you can reserve a vacation at any of the resorts owned by the brand or vacation club. However, sometimes this benefit is not made available to you when you purchase on the resale market. An RCI membership is the convenient and affordable way around that.

You are already saving thousands when you purchase a timeshare from the secondary market. If you choose to buy an RCI-affiliated timeshare, you are able to use RCI external exchange and travel to thousands of different resorts around the globe—many of which are likely managed by your resort brand or vacation club.

It’s no secret, RCI offers incredible services, conveniences, and opportunities to their members. Contact one of our independent resale specialists today to learn more about how you can use RCI timeshare exchange to make the most out of your ownership!


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