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4th of July Travel Stats For The Traveler’s Soul [Infographic]
July 4th 2016

America’s birthday is finally here, and everybody is celebrating! Hot dogs, beer, burgers; nothing is left unconsumed. Because these celebrations are so—well, celebrated—around the country, 4th of July weekend is always one of the most heavy holiday travel times of the year. And for good reason! There are plenty of festivities and goings-on around the […]

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Not-So-Typical Things to do in Typical Travel Destinations
December 22nd 2015

These travel destinations may seem run-of-the-mill or to some, feeling like tourist traps. Everyone knows the main things to do, see and eat in these popular locations—but what about local favorites and hidden gems? Have you ever wondered where the locals go, and what they do for fun? Below, we’ll uncover some amazing off-the-beaten-path activities […]

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Entertaining for the Holidays in a Timeshare
November 20th 2015

We’ve given you a look inside a timeshare kitchen in a previous blog. Today, we want to talk about how you can utilize not only that kitchen to make a home cooked holiday meal for your family while on vacation, but also host the holidays. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds! Entertaining […]

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2015 Holiday Travel: How to Save
November 19th 2015

Holidays are notoriously expensive—from gift giving, to decorations, to travel cots…expenses add up fast. Traveling during the holidays can also be very stressful, and sometimes bunking up with your family causes more discomfort than convenience. Hotel prices rise this time of year, making it difficult to rationalize spending that extra amount to have your own […]

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