The 5 Best Vacation Clubs to Join in 2021
December 15th 2020 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Buyers, Travel

SellMyTimeshareNow’s 5 Best Vacation Club Programs to Join Next Year

2020 has been a hard year for most, and we know how ready people are to get back to the things they love most—which, for many, includes travel. Vacation clubs are a great way to explore the world without breaking the bank and staying at some of the most luxurious resort properties on the planet. What vacation club is the best to buy, you might ask? It depends on your specific needs, but SellMyTimeshareNow has pulled together the top 5 best vacation clubs we think you’ll want to invest in for 2021:

1. Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham has continued to be one of the most expansive and beloved vacation ownership clubs in the world with its more than impressive 220 impeccable resort collection in desirable locations like Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, Colorado, and more.

The club offers a variety of fixed-week, floating week, or point-based timeshares which allow owners to really find the program that works best for their specific vacationing needs. Points owners will be happy to know they can also purchase additional points at a later date if they so choose. Depending on the package an owner is a part of, they can enjoy additional benefits like Wyndham Adventures guided group tours, cruise options aboard some of the most popular cruise lines, special discounts on items like golf, dining, and car rentals, as well as the ability to enroll PlusPartners for an additional fee to access any of the Wyndham Family of Hotels and Resorts for their future vacations.

If all of the internal benefits weren’t enough, many Club Wyndham resorts are affiliated with both RCI and Interval International, expanding travel options far beyond just the brand.

2. Bluegreen Vacation Club

Bluegreen Vacations is the ideal timeshare program for families and those who want to travel throughout the US and in the Caribbean. No matter if you want to spend your time on the shores of Aruba, in the mountains of Montana, or even a quaint town in New Hampshire, Bluegreen Vacation Club has you covered.

Most of Bluegreen Vacation Club’s ownerships are point-based, which open up vacation opportunities for its owners. Not only can owners book stays at other resorts within the collection, but they can also determine the length of their trips. So, whether they want to enjoy a few long weekends or a week-long trip, they can do just that! Owners can also bank and borrow points which provide further versatility for how they decide to travel.

3. Marriott Vacation Club

Since the merge with Starwood Preferred Guests in 2016, Marriott Vacation Club has only continued to grow and evolve to be a favorite vacation club for travelers from all walks of life thanks to its variety of accommodations and diverse resort property lineup. Marriott has several collection options for interested owners with banking and borrowing available with some minor restrictions on how and when they can be banked or borrowed.

Not only does the brand have 200 resorts under their management, but there are also 3,200 resorts in over 80 countries available to its owners with the acquisition thanks to the Interval International membership that is included in owners’ annual dues.

4. Diamond Resorts

For 25 years, Diamond Resorts has been providing its hundreds of thousands of owners with exceptional getaways and customizable vacations across the United States. Diamond’s resort properties are known widely for their on-site amenities, proximity to some of the top attractions in each respective city, and family-friendly nature.

The brand offers two types of point-based ownerships: DRI Collection/Trust Points and THE Club Diamond. DRI Collection allows owners to book stays at their contract’s specific collection of resorts while THE Club is a general point-based timeshare that provides access to all Diamond Club Resorts and affiliated properties. Additionally, Diamond still offers traditional, deeded timeshare weeks for those who enjoy the stability of knowing where and when they’ll vacation each year!

5. Hilton Grand Vacations Club

There are few programs out there as special as HGVC. Hilton is a household name with more than 60 properties around the world and near-constant expansion into more, equally as desired destinations. If and when there comes a time when an owner wants to travel outside of the HGVC brand, they have access to a number of affiliated resorts and the ability to purchase a membership with the external timeshare exchange company, RCI.

Ownership benefits are endless; including flexibility with its point-based program and guest reservations. Owners will also enjoy the automatic in HHonors, which allows point conversions on vacation perks if and when desired, which means that guests can make every vacation unique with additional activities.

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