Top 5 Most Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations 2017
June 22nd 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

There are many reasons pet owners don’t leave their dogs at home while they go on vacation. It can be expensive to find doggy-care; it’s hard to find a dog sitter you trust in your home, and it also might be too emotionally taxing to leave your pooch for a week long vacation.

But don’t let that affect your decision to skip out on a vacation this year! Plenty of Americans aren’t planning summer travel as it is. Dog owners deserve a break just as much as the rest of us and there are plenty of dog friendly travel destinations throughout the nation.

According to the Humane Society for the United States, around 43.3 million households own at least one dog. As a result, more and more cities are growing fond of the idea of creating accessible, pet friendly vacation destination experiences to keep pet owners at ease and their dogs happy as newborn puppies. Cities all over the country are hosting dog-friendly beaches, bars, restaurants, resorts, and so much more.

We did the research and found the top 5 most dog-friendly vacation destinations in the country, and believe it or not, it wasn’t easy. Cities such as Denver, Tucson, and Albuquerque deserve honorable mentions based on the number of dog friendly vacation accommodations. But we put our best paws forward and created this fun infographic breaking down the best cities in the country to have vacations with dogs.

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