Top 5 Places to Experience New Year’s Eve
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New Year’s Eve is a mega-holiday. The other holidays in the year celebrate something specific; romantic love for Valentine’s Day; thankfulness and being grateful during Thanksgiving. New Year’s Eve, however, is a celebration for celebrations sake. It encompasses everything; the bringing in of another year, new goals, an optimistic look towards the future, resolutions, and promising yourself to become a better you.

When celebrating something this monumental, you want to celebrate to your fullest ability. You want to set the tone of the upcoming year with good vibes and high spirits. So if you’re thinking of going away for any holiday this year, New Year’s Eve is, arguably, one of the best times of year to do it.

So many cities around the world herald lively atmospheres for their NYE celebration, it can be hard to choose where your ideal destination lies. For some, the appeal might be tucked into the heart of a city like Tokyo, which hosts one of the best fireworks displays in the world. For others, the appeal might be a relaxing getaway from the lingering winter to a warmer destination like the Christmas Islands or Cancun.

We’ve taken all this into consideration and come up with a list of some of this most incredible places for travellers to welcome the new year as their best one yet:

new york cityscape, tourism concept photograph

New York City

No New Year’s Eve destination list would be reliable if New York City wasn’t on the list. NYC is our first pick because every celebration embodies the new year spirit, in that there’s always new experiences to enjoy while you’re there. If you’ve never been, it’s a once in a lifetime journey that should be on your bucket list; if you’ve already been, you’re bound to find something new! Whether you’re watching the famous ball drop in historic Times Square, catching any number of special music concerts, or even walking around and checking out the sites, this is the time of year to forgo rest in The City That Never Sleeps.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - October 6, 2011:  Night view towards Bellagio, Paris, Caesars Palace and other resorts on the Las Vegas strip in southern Nevada.

Las Vegas

Our other North American destination is another city full of new and exciting things to knock off your year-end bucket list. Las Vegas’ larger-than-life atmosphere lends itself for bringing so much needed extravagance into our lives. As the Vegas Strip turns into a full pedestrian walkway, you’ll see thousands of people celebrating the occasion with wacky costumes, noise makers, and overall holiday spirit. Check out some of the country’s premier cover bands on Main Street, then catch a great view of the fireworks for back at your resort! One thing is for sure, spending New Year’s Eve is Las Vegas certainly won’t be a gamble.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Suggar Loaf and  Botafogo beach viewed from Corcovado at sunset.

Rio de Janeiro

Looking for an adventure outside of the country? Rio de Janeiro is one of the most talked about destinations for a New Year’s Eve celebration. With their elaborate street celebrations, extravagant fireworks display, lively performances, and a festive carnival, the fun carries travellers and party-goers right into the new year. Be sure to wear white to the festival! New Year’s Eve is not only a celebration of the new year, but considering Rio de Janeiro is one of the biggest Catholic countries in the world, the celebration is also meant to be a spiritual experience for all who attend in order to create the strongest energy possible!

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View of the Sydney Opera House with the city behind at dusk


Even down under, the fireworks still fly up high into the air. Travel down to Australia to catch all the awesome things Sydney has to offer for their New Year’s Eve celebration. The night starts off with some pre-show entertainment, including an aerial display as well as a water display in the renowned Sydney Harbor. Next, check out the fascinating pylon projections lit-up displayed with full-size images and videos, including a countdown to the fireworks display. A celebration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culture follows with live performances and dances. A ceremonious releasing of Eucalyptus smoke over the water is intended to cleanse Sydney Harbor of any bad spirits, bringing only positive energy into the ceremony! The Harbor of Light Parade follows until the final countdown, at which point an incredible fireworks display ignites the sky with many colors!

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Big Ben and Westminster Bridge in the Evening, London, United Kingdom


Last, but most certainly not least, London has made the list because it’s got so many fun things to do, you could fill several New Year’s Eve trips trying to do it all. The sight of watching colorful fireworks burst around Big Ben, and out over the Thames River is a once in a lifetime experience. The celebrations are massive and like New York City, it’s one of the most populated cities in the world, meaning the positive energy will come in troves. In the time outside of the celebration, check out the fabulous shows in the city’s West End theatre district, explore the many museums that inhabit the city, or yuck it up at London’s longest-running free comedy night at the Theatre Royal Stratford East!

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Oh, and one more thing…Happy New Year!


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