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Top 5 Timeshares with Low Maintenance Fees
August 23rd 2018

Timeshares with Low Maintenance Fees If you know anything about vacation ownership, you’ve probably heard about timeshare annual fees. Owners have to pay a purchase price for a timeshare ownership, while also keeping up with regular fees. Timeshare maintenance fees help the resorts with renovations and general upkeep of the property, as well as pay […]

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Timeshare Resorts with Unique On-Site Amenities
August 21st 2018

Timeshare Resorts Featuring Not Your Average Amenities! Timeshare resorts are well known for their outstanding selection of on-site amenities and services that can greatly enhance your vacation experience. Guests rave about the ability to have a full vacation without stepping foot off the resort grounds because there is just so much to do. Many timeshare […]

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Casino Gambling Legalization Leads Way to New Japanese Resorts
August 16th 2018

Japan Casino Resorts Are Now Legal Japan has officially passed a new law that outlines the legalization of casino resorts in the country, which has opened the opportunity to create three new Japanese resorts with casinos. It’s expected for Japanese companies and local municipalities to begin discussions, proposals, and other projects regarding this new attraction. […]

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5 Amazing Last-Minute Flight Deals for Fun Cheap Summer Vacations
August 14th 2018

Fun Cheap Summer Vacations are Possible With These Flight Deals It’s that time of year where vacationers are searching for last min flight deals around the world, looking for the best place to celebrate the end of the summer season. August vacation deals are possible, and there are plenty of airlines providing insanely affordable travel […]

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