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Festiva Timeshare Resales & Rentals

Festiva Resorts - Festiva Sailing Vacations

If you're looking for a timeshare network that includes all of the premiere vacation destinations in the United States and the Caribbean, the Festiva Hospitality Group is the company you've been seeking! And if you're looking for unbeatable deals on vacation ownership with Festiva, or membership in the Festiva Adventure Club, Festiva Sailing Vacations or the Festiva Cruise Club, has the Internet's best selection of Festiva vacation products.

Our for-sale and for-rent-by-owner inventory of Festiva timeshares makes finding your perfect vacation easier than ever before. Simply browse our selection of Festiva Resort properties at your convenience and, if you find something you like, you can submit an offer directly through our website. Prefer the assistance of a professional who can provide you with insight into which Festiva travel product is right for you? Our vacation specialists can help you find the perfect Festiva timeshare rental, and our licensed timeshare brokers have the insider knowledge to help you find the best deal on a Festiva time share resale. Call today or browse our inventory now!

Festiva Vacations: Limitless Options

Festiva Timeshares - Festiva Adventure Club

Founded in 2000, Festiva Resorts quickly became one of the United States' most successful privately-owned timeshare organizations, largely through the company's commitment to providing a wide array of distinctive vacation ownership products to its owners and members.

Festiva Interval Ownership: Choose from any of Festiva Hospitality's 24 luxury interval ownership resorts, all of which are stuffed with amenities! Secure prepaid, guaranteed lodgings for the rest of your life, as you'll have equity in your timeshare for as long as you live. And though you won't have to perform any maintenance on the property, you'll have the security of knowing that your timeshare will be properly maintained for the duration. Your Festiva vacation property can also be loaned to family members or friends, or exchanged for resort weeks in locations around the world.

Festiva Adventure Club: The Adventure Club is a points-based membership that provides you with more flexibility than standard interval ownership. Depending on the number of points you purchase, you will be able to reserve accommodations at any of the Festiva Resorts in any size unit at any time of the year. You can also vary the length of your vacations - choose from three and four night vacations or the standard seven night stay - and you can bank or borrow points to tailor your vacations each year.

Festiva Sailing Vacations: With a dozen luxury Lagoon 440 catamarans currently in its fleet, a Festiva Sailing Vacation provides the ultimate all-inclusive charter experience. Members of the Festiva Hospitality Group can reserve a two-person stateroom on one of Festiva's crewed catamarans once every four years by exchanging their resort week or Club points and paying the all-inclusive fee. Destinations inlcude: The British Virgin islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Maarten and The Bahamas.

Festiva Cruise Club: For vacationers who'd prefer to vacation regularly on sea rather than on land, Festiva travel offers the option to purchase all-inclusive membership in its Cruise Club. Vacationers can purchase three levels of membership - providing 26, 24, or 12 cabin weeks. Unlike Festiva time share ownership, Cruise Club membership is limited to a period of 12 years, but members can choose a new destination each time they sail. Cabin weeks are also exchangeable through RCI!

Festiva Hospitality Group - Elite Luxury

The Festiva Resort group's goal is to provide a complete vacation experience to every owner and member, and it does so by staying on the cusp of both technology and luxury - all while staying true to its core value of treating each and every owner like family! If you are considering ownership with Festiva vacations, we encourage you to try one of our Festiva timeshares for rent first to get a feel for this company and its resort offerings.

Our selection of Festiva timeshares for sale will allow you guaranteed special time with family and friends, every year at a price you can afford. There are more than 50,000 current Festiva timeshare owners from all over the world, and we encourage you to join this growing family today and start exploring North America - browse our inventory now!

Festiva Club Memberships

Festiva Resorts - United States






North Carolina

South Carolina


  • Gatlinburg - Laurel Point Resort


Festiva Resorts - International


Netherlands Antilles

Saint Lucia

Own a Festiva Vacation Timeshare?

We offer a variety of services to help owners of Festiva timeshares - as well as members of the Festiva Adventure Club, Festiva Sailing Vacations or the Festiva Cruise Club - sell or rent their unused weeks and club memberships. If being a part of the Festiva Resorts group no longer fits your lifestyle, call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable advertising representatives about selling or renting your timeshare.

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