2015 RCI Membership Fees
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Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is the leading timeshare exchange company in the industry. Having an RCI membership with your affiliated timeshare resort opens up thousands of vacation options and travel perks for you. Like all memberships, there are fees involved. If you own, or are looking to purchase an RCI-affiliated timeshare, you will want to be well-informed on what an RCI membership will cost you—starting with the basic membership fee, to upgrades and other charges. RCI membership fees will also fluctuate annually, so it is important you keep that in mind when purchasing a membership.

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RCI Weeks Subscription Fees

A single year subscription fee for a basic RCI membership is $99. This will allow you to partake in their exchange program by choosing to deposit your timeshare week at your home resort in exchange for a week at a resort of the same caliber. To save on the yearly fee, you can choose to pay upfront for your membership anywhere from the next two to five years.

Number of Years Total Cost Cost Per Year Savings
1 $99
2 $179 $90 $89
3 $249 $83 $166
5 $399 $80 $319

You can also upgrade your membership to RCI Weeks Platinum. There is an additional charge for those extra benefits, which include room upgrades, priority access to high demand resorts, platinum rebates, and more. Just as with the basic membership, you can pay the additional platinum fees in advance to save a little each year. These are the fees you have to pay in addition to your basic RCI Weeks Subscription.

Number of Years Total Cost Cost Per Year Savings
1 $59
2 $108 $54 8%
3 $150 $50 15%
4 $192 $48 19%
5 $230 $46 22%

RCI Weeks Deposit Extensions

If you have a Weeks Subscription, you want to make sure you don’t lose your deposit. It is possible that a life situation will come up and limit your availability to travel. If you lose your deposit, you will not get to go on your vacation at the timeshare resort you have already paid maintenance fees on. To avoid having your deposit expire, RCI provides options to extend your deposit.

1 Month Extension $29
3 Month Extension $69
6 Month Extension $89
12 Month Extension $109

If you would like to combine your deposit or deposit credits, you can do so for $109. This makes the travel window of your newly combined deposit good for up to two years from the combination date.

Trading Power Protection

Having Trading Power Protection allows you to have peace of mind when planning your vacation. It gives you the option to change or cancel your vacation rather than just losing your week if something unexpected comes up.

  • Trading Power Protection (within 30 days of booking): $49
  • Trading Power Protection (more than 30 days of booking): $89
  • Trading Power Protection (within 14 days of the the date of travel): $89

RCI Points Subscription Fees

RCI Points offer more flexibility (shorter or longer than a one week stay) with lower exchange fees on RCI Points inventory. With a points subscription, you also get a free RCI Weeks account. You can upgrade to RCI Platinum points membership, which is the highest level of membership offered. This will give you access to more exchange opportunities, unit upgrades, rebates, and other various discounts on vacation and at home.

Number of YearsPoints Subscription FeeAdditional Points Platinum Fee

1 $124 $29
2 $229 $108
3 $321 $150
4 $409 $192
5 $499 $230

Save and Extend RCI Points

Saving and extending Points offers even more flexibility to your RCI Points Membership. When you save Points, they carry over from the Use Year into the next Use Year. The Points Saving Fee is $26.

Extending Points means you can carry your saved Points into a third Use Year. If you have less than 30,000 Points, the Points Extension Fee is $65. With more than 30,000 Points, the fee is $105.

RCI Points Protection

If you need to change or cancel your vacation for any reason, Points Protection guarantees you will be refunded 100% of the Points you used for your exchange. The Points Protection fee varies based on the length of your planned vacation.

  • Points Protection 1-2 nights: $29
  • Points Protection 3-4 nights: $39
  • Points Protection 5+ nights: $49

RCI Exchange Fees

There are different ways to exchange your RCI-affiliated timeshare, and the process and fees differ depending on whether you have an RCI Points or RCI Weeks Subscription. For an RCI Weeks Subscription, you can choose to exchange through the company’s call center or RCI.com.

  • Exchange Fee – Call Center: $219
  • Exchange Fee – RCI.com: $209

With an RCI Points Subscription, you also have the option to exchange through the call center or RCI.com, however since points offer more flexibility in terms of how long your vacation lasts, the exchange fees vary more.

RCI.comCall Center

Home Week Reservation (7 nights) No charge No change
Home Resort Reservation (7 nights) $40 $50
RCI Points Reservation: 7+ nights $169 $179
RCI Points Reservation: 6 nights $159 $169
RCI Points Reservation: 5 nights $139 $149
RCI Points Reservation: 4 nights $99 $109
RCI Points Reservation: 3 nights $79 $89
RCI Points Reservation: 2 nights $59 $69
RCI Points Reservation: 1 night $39 $49

With RCI Points, you must also be mindful of reservation windows.

  • Home Week Reservation: 12-13 month in advance
  • Home Resort Reservation: 11-12 months in advance
  • Home Group Reservation: 10-11 months in advance

Be sure to plan ahead to ensure you get the time period and destination you are looking for.

Miscellaneous RCI Membership Fees

There are many RCI membership perks that you can take advantage of for various small fees. For example, a Guest Certificate allows you to send your friend or family on an Extra Vacations getaway. Whether you have an RCI Points or RCI Weeks Subscription, the Guest Certificate is available for $59. If you plan on giving the same family or friend a vacation from the next five years, a Guest Pass can be purchased for $149. It should be noted that Guest Certificate Passes are applicable to RCI Weeks reservations only.

For both Points and Weeks Subscriptions, a membership or deposit transfer (MTA) is $98.

If you need a duplicate copy of your RCI Weeks affiliated resorts or a Points directory, the charge is $6.95, which covers the cost of shipping and handling.

For more information on RCI membership fees for 2015, or how to purchase an RCI membership, don’t hesitate to contact a SellMyTimeshareNow.com specialist at 1-877-815-4227.


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