4 Timeshare Programs Perfect for Short Getaway Trips
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These Timeshare Programs Where You Can Book Short Stay Vacations

Short getaway trips have become more and more popular with young travelers. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Discover found that 71% percent of respondents plan on taking a vacation this upcoming summer, most taking micro vacations of one to three days. As these vacationing needs have changed over the years, timeshare brands have stepped up to make their ownership programs more flexible and make those short stay vacations possible.

Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham is a point-based timeshare program and is very flexible for its owners to book shorter vacations within their different reservation windows. The Advance Reservation Priority Window is available 10-13 months in advance for Club Wyndham Select, Club Wyndham Access, and Club Wyndham Presidential Reserve members where they can reserve three-, four-, and seven-night vacations. The Standard Reservation window can be booked 3-10 months prior to check in with three-, four, and seven-night stay options during Prime Season and two-night stay options during the off season. The Express Reservation window is meant for vacationers booking less than 90 days of their trip where they can book for as little as a two-night stay. Prime and off-season opportunities are dependent on each specific Wyndham resort and its destination.

Wyndham Ownership Snapshot:

Hyatt Residence Club Split Weeks

Hyatt Residence Club members have the ability to split their vacation up into two-, three-, or four-night stays with two small housekeeping and administration fees. Each Hyatt Residence Club resort will have their own specific check-in days for these particular split stay vacations that are usually determined based on the check-in dates for full-week stay owners to avoid overlapping. For more specific information on the days you can and cannot check in to these properties, it’s important to contact the resort directly.

Hyatt Ownership Snapshot:

Westgate Resorts Split Weeks

Though Westgate offers fixed and floating week timeshares, they still provide floating week owners the option to split their weeks! Three- and four-night stays are available, though it’s important to note that any unused days cannot be rolled over to the next year. Additionally, lock-off unit owners can pay a $140 lock-off fee and split their timeshare into two separate units, however, the lock-off options vary by resort and residence type.

Westgate Ownership Snapshot:

Interval International

Interval International (II) is a bit different than the other timeshare programs discussed in that it’s an external exchange company affiliated with timeshare brands around the world as opposed to being its own ownership brand. Eligible owners can purchase an annual II membership and trade their vacations with the thousands of comparable resort options available in the II database. There are two ways of creating shorter stays through Interval International: Interval International ShortStay and Club Interval Gold. Interval International Gold Members have access to ShortStay Exchanges where they can split their week into two shorter vacations that can be two to six nights long. Club Interval Gold (also called Club Interval) is a newer membership program based on the point-based timeshare exchanges where owners can utilize their allotted points like currency to book at different resorts, accommodation sizes, dates, seasons, and length of stay which have individual point values.

Interval International Membership Snapshot:

Find Short Stay Deals on SellMyTimeshareNow.com

If you love the idea of taking mini vacations multiple times a year at your favorite resorts, a timeshare could be the perfect solution for all of your travel needs! Know you’ll have an incredible trip each time because you’re staying with a timeshare brand you know and trust. Additionally, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy ownership! Many timeshare brands have minimal restrictions regarding timeshare resales and usage, which means you can shop on marketplaces like SellMyTimeshareNow.com, buy directly from a current owner, and start your next journey into micro vacationing! With more questions, please contact our team of independent experts today at 877-815-4227.


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