Best Vacation Clubs to Join in 2017
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Over the past few decades, the timeshare industry has evolved into a multi-faceted, consumer-focused product that offers much more than just a week per year at your favorite resort. Many brands maintain vacation clubs that serve to maximize the overall travel experience of their members. You won’t only get great ownership accommodations in any given destination—you could also enjoy benefits like extra rewards and free timeshare exchange, as well as discounts on airfare, travel, and admission to area attractions. Vacation clubs have truly transformed the travel experience.

However, which club is the best of the best? Certain clubs are more appealing to different types of travelers, and if you’re a prospective timeshare owner, you’ll want to know which one is best for you. We’ve put together this list of the five best vacation clubs to join up with in 2017 to help you decide!

#5:Vistana Signature Experiences

Formerly known as Starwood Vacation Ownership, the all-new Vistana Signature Experiences still offers classic vacations in destinations all over North America. Since Starwood Hotels spun off its vacation ownership branch into its own brand before merging with Marriott, Vistana Signature Experiences has stayed afloat in the competitive vacation ownership space by placing the focus on its multitude of resorts in popular destinations. Containing the Sheraton and Westin brands, as well as the ultra-popular Harborside Resort at Atlantis, Vistana provides a collection of features and ownership benefits appealing to families. Popular perks include:

  • Their Villa Resort Collection, which allows members to plan vacations seamlessly between 20 different award-winning resorts
  • Gold-level access to the Starwood Preferred Guest program, which features 1,300 properties in just under 100 countries
  • A gold-level membership with Interval International, which is covered by club dues

Notable resort: Harborside Resort at Atlantis

#4: Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Returning to our list from the 2016’s top vacation clubs, Holiday Inn Club Vacations is beginning to compete with bigger name brands like Hilton, Wyndham, and Marriott. 2016 was a big year for Holiday Inn Club Vacations, as they merged with Silverleaf Resorts and rebranded those properties under the HICV brand. Additionally, Holiday Inn Club Vacations offers its product as both a traditional real estate purchase and a points program, allowing you to choose the method that works best for you. The best benefits of the club are:

  • The ability to rollover your club points into a savings account, where they never expire
  • Affiliation with RCI, with membership covered by club dues
  • One of the most transparent vacation clubs with low-pressure representatives and personnel

Notable resort: Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort East Village

#3: Hyatt Residence Club

Hyatt has really been stepping up its vacation ownership game over the past few years, and 2017 might be the year to get involved. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the Residence Club’s parent company, has been increasing its brand portfolio steadily, and has been opening new properties under other subsidiary Hyatt brands. The growth is expected to spread to the Residence Club, which already maintains 15 award-winning resorts in destinations all over the world. With a special focus in luxury, Hyatt Residence Club resorts often include sprawling villa-style accommodations featuring thousands of square feet of space, ideal for families and large groups. The main draws of HRC include:

  • Interval International club membership included in dues
  • Fractional ownership opportunities for those looking for a more immersive vacation home experience
  • No additional fees for banking unused points

Notable resort: Hyatt Coconut Plantation Resort

#2: Margaritaville Vacation Club

The all-new Margaritaville Vacation Club brand takes the kicked-back island lifestyle championed by singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett and translates it to luxury resorts. This Wyndham-owned vacation club is rapidly growing, with two existing resorts in St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, and ten more planned for Orlando, Mexico, and other Caribbean destinations by 2018. The Orlando resort, which is planned to open later this year, will occupy a staggering 320 acres of land, and will include a spa, retail stores, water taxis, restaurants, and 1,000 vacation homes. 2017 is definitely the year to get in on the ground floor of this new and exciting club. Highly-anticipated perks include:

  • Exchange through the larger Club Wyndham, which offers more than 100 properties to choose from
  • Access to Wyndham timeshare perks, like getaways through the Party Weekends® and Party Weekends Prestige® programs
  • Wyndham Rewards points to use on airfare and hotel stays

Notable resort: Wyndham St. Thomas, a Margaritaville Vacation Club Resort

#1: Marriott Vacation Club

Also returning from 2016’s list of best vacation clubs, the Marriott Vacation Club is our top vacation club to join in 2017. Last year was a big one for Marriott, during which they finalized their massive merger with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, bringing the Sheraton, Westin, and St. Regis brands into their hotel network. Officially the largest hospitality brand in the world, Marriott continues its rapid growth with its vacation ownership options, which have long been regarded as the most flexible and most owner-friendly. Most notably, Marriott timeshare owners will now be able to combine their Marriott rewards with Starwood’s rewards, offering greater chances for exclusive perks and benefits. Here’s why you should consider joining up with Marriott:

  • Convert Marriott Vacation Club points to rewards points for discounts on airfare and hotel stays
  • Book stays at Marriott Vacation Club resorts in dozens of family-friendly destinations around the globe
  • Pay fewer additional fees than any other major vacation club
  • Interval International membership included in club dues

Notable resort: Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club

Find Your Timeshare Today

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