Timeshare Vacations Offering Experiential Activities
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When you think of timeshare vacations, you might assume you get one specific week, at a specific resort, every year, for the rest of your life. While this was the traditional timeshare ownership model, the industry has since evolved to accommodate the needs of current vacationers.

What does this mean? Timeshare vacations allow owners to travel more flexibly. Points-based vacation clubs let you choose when, where, and how long you want to vacation rather than being tied down to a specific week. In the same way, vacation clubs allow you to internally exchange within their affiliated resort, giving you more destination options. Not to mention the additional perks, discounts, and membership benefits that come with these club ownerships. All these aspects exist to give owners a way to customize their travel experience.

Some timeshare resorts and brands take this a step further by offering experiential holidays through their resort properties. These are generally immersive activities that allow guests to enjoy intimate areas of a specific destination or something that is unique to that resort or region. This makes timeshare vacations more appealing to millenials who want to get more of an experience from a vacation, rather than just getting away.

India Timeshare Resorts Offer Unique Experiences

If you’re looking to visit India, you’ll be delighted to learn about their latest resort offerings. Stay at a Club Mahindra resort and you’ll have the opportunity to dine on a houseboat in Kerala, relax in the black mountains of Kanha, or take an organized half-day tour to the tribal village of Toda where you can enjoy a local meal or even participate in a Toda wedding.

If you are a timeshare owner at an RCI affiliated resort, you can exchange your week for a trip to many of the Club Mahindra resort properties to indulge in their various offerings.

Extraordinary Experiences with Grupo Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta is becoming more and more innovative with their timeshare holidays. Coming soon: The Parks. Immersive parks with never-before-seen attractions, adventures, and imaginative entertainment. Sound illusive? That’s the point! Keep a look out for updates on what these “parks” will offers guests.

Grupo Vidanta is known for their incredible Cirque du Soleil collaborations, and will soon be debuting JOYA. JOYA is a unique show that features intimate performances and technical innovations with dining as part of the performance. This wow-worthy experience is something not to be missed.

The multi-purpose Santuario is the central hub at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, where guests can enjoy live music, acrobatics, magicians, dancers, and more. The space is a combination of indoor and outdoor with stages, bars, wooden decks, fountains, and reflection pools—ideal for a night of entertainment, drinks, and relaxation.

Festiva Resorts Timeshare Holidays

Festiva Resorts was praised for the sailing vacations that take guests on cruises centered around specific destinations including Greece, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, and more. These cruises involve guided tours of famous sites, visits to the best local eateries, and various excursions that give you a real feel of the area.

The Festiva Adventure Club is an extremely beneficial program that gives members full control of their travels. This club lets you travel any time of year, choose your unit size, save points for later vacations, exchange with RTX, and more.

Discover More With Timeshare Vacations

Timeshare brands continue to grow and evolve with the desire of the current traveler. As such, you can expect timeshare vacations to continue to get better and better.

Find timeshares for sale for up to 70% off retail on the resale market. Enjoy a lifetime of flexible, luxurious vacations for less while taking advantage of the constantly improving amenities and services that timeshare holidays have to offer their guests!


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