Are Timeshare Points Worth It For Today’s Traveler?
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Are Timeshare Points Really Worth It?

The timeshare industry may be thought of as an outdated way to vacation, but that’s not so much the case. While traditionally, buying a set week at a specific resort seems like something that no one would want to buy into, many have. Since then, the timeshare industry has evolved and changed to accommodate more types of travelers.

Enter: timeshare points. How do timeshare points work? Simply put, timeshare points work like currency that an owner can use to book a vacation when, where, and how long they want to.

But are timeshare points really worth it? See how they can assist today’s traveler in booking their annual vacation.

Benefits of Timeshare Points

Since the points system of ownership was adapted by so many brands, it brought a world of flexibility into a vacation industry that had been so inflexible for so long. While timeshare exchange had always been a key part of ownership, timeshare points allowed owners to exchange more on their own terms.

Whereas once you had to book a week for another week, now you could utilize your points to book a quick weekend trip or even a multi-week getaway. Owners also have the opportunity to save points and carry them over to save for a longer, more high-end vacation experience. On the other end, many times point programs let owners borrow from the upcoming year if they are itching to take a more upgraded vacation on any given year.

And while exchange through RCI and Interval International are still very popular (and still a convenient way to exchange with timeshare points), members of vacation clubs have an even easier time using points to book a vacation within their specific ownership network.

Brands That Use Timeshare Points

Marriott Vacation Club transferred from a weeks ownership program to a Marriott Destination Points plan back in 2010. Using Marriott timeshare points, you can make reservations in four different collections of resort properties, giving you thousands of vacation choices. Banking and borrowing points are both possible with Marriott points, giving you total customization of all your vacations.

Bluegreen Resorts also use Bluegreen points for owners to make reservations. They offer a great portfolio of resorts to choose from with many Bluegreen destinations across the United States and the Caribbean.

Wyndham is another big name brand that has adapted the timeshare points system. Their program is known as Club Wyndham and comes with many additional perks in addition to being able to utilize timeshare points for reservations and exchange. These perks include access to the Wyndham Adventures program, cruise vacations, discounts on various travel necessities and entertainment, and more.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club allows owners to utilize their HGVC points to reserve vacations within the club’s netword, as well as affiliated resort chains such as Club Intrawest and Fiesta Americana. Owners can also convert their HGVC points into HHonors points that comes with additional benefits like in-room extras and travel discounts.

Timeshare Points Worth

Depend on what type of timeshare points you own, they will have different values. Each point has a monetary value, and owners will have to pay for their annual allotted points during the time maintenance fees are due. The more points you own, the more you will pay. However the more points you own, the more flexibility and vacation options you will have.

It’s also not surprising that some points cost more than others. This varies by brand and vacation club, so it is important to research the annual fees per point so you know what you’ll be paying. This is especially important when you buy points on the resale market. Buying points through our by-owner inventory can save you upwards of 70% off the initial purchase price. This is thousands of dollars less than what you would have to pay buying from the developer. With that said, all ownerships have annual dues and fees that you have to pay. So make sure you know what those will be.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable and flexible way to travel and vacation on a regular basis, then yes, timeshare points are definitely worth it!

And if for whatever reason you aren’t able to travel or utilize your points, you have the option to rent your timeshare points and get cash back!


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