Millennials Gain Interest in Timeshare Travel
April 3rd 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: For Buyers, Travel

Why Millennials are Gaining Interest in Timeshare Travel

While you might think about timeshare travel being an outdated way of vacationing, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While the average age of a timeshare owner is early 50’s, millennial travelers are starting to see the benefits of the options presented by timeshare vacations. Timeshares are attracting interest in the younger generation through affordability and convenience. American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has reported that 30 percent of timeshare owners are, in fact, millennials.

Timeshare Travel Offers Flexibility

Timeshare ownership has evolved a lot over the years. From buying a fixed week at one resort, to many resort brands adapting a points-based ownership system, vacation ownership has changed to fit today’s vacationer—and that includes the millennials.

Millennials are also a generation that value experiences over material possessions. With a timeshare, they can enjoy a plethora of unique travel experiences in cities, islands, urban locations, and more. Timeshare vacations allow millennials in indulge in experiential activites all over the world.

Millennial Travelers Enjoy Family-Friendly Options

Forty percent of millennials are now parents, meaning vacationing involves children, making family-friendly accommodations and services necessary for any vacation. Additionally, millennials are often traveling with parents and grandparents, making multi-generational travel more important than ever. Timeshare accommodations offer the space and convenience needed for a multigenerational trip, while timeshare resorts boast a wide range of activities and amenities suited for every age.

Smart and Sustainable Travel

One of the 2018 travel trends is sustainable tourism, and millennials are certainly a driving force behind that. Millennials are more conscious of the impact on the world. The timeshare ownership model is inherently sustainable because it allows travelers to enjoy the benefits of a vacation property without purchasing an entire vacation home. There are also plenty of eco-friendly resorts to visit that are going the extra mile to be sustainable.

Millennials also appreciate the quality control of timeshare resorts and accommodations. Rather than sharing a vacation home with friends, timeshares are well-maintained by professionals and updated as needed. All of this is covered through annual maintenance fees to ensure you never have to worry about the quality standards of your timeshare unit.

Find Timeshare Vacations For Less

It’s not a secret that buying a timeshare from a resort developer isn’t going to be cheap. Luckily, millennials can ensure their hard earned dollars go further for them by shopping the secondary market. Browse our timeshares for sale and delight in thousands of properties advertised by-owner for up to 70% off retail. With resale, you get all the benefits of timeshare travel, without the hefty commissions, fees, and taxes resorts will charge.

Additionally, some millennials may worry about having a clear exit strategy to their timeshare ownership if they ever need it. Not only can we assist you in purchasing an affordably priced timeshare, we can help you to sell your timeshare should the time come. is truly the millennial traveler’s one-stop-shop for affordability, convenience, and value when it comes to timeshare travel!


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