RCI Membership Fees 2016
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Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is a top external exchange company in the vacation ownership industry. If you own an RCI affiliated timeshare, you are able to purchase an annual membership that gives you access to their extensive network of affiliated resorts. This gives you thousands of new and exciting vacation options every year to ensure you get the most out of your timeshare ownership.

RCI Membership Fees 2016

If you are considering an RCI membership, it is important to understand the annual fees and other charges involved for exchanging. RCI membership fees will fluctuate with each coming year, so it is important to keep that in mind when purchasing. Last year, we gave you the scoop on the 2015 RCI membership fees and want to do the same for you this year as a comprehensive view of the membership and what has changed in price this 2016 year.

RCI Weeks Subscription Fees

The RCI membership cost for a single year, basic membership is $99. This allows you to utilize their exchange program by depositing your timeshare week for a week at another resort in their network of affiliated properties. RCI Weeks lets you exchange a full week vacation for a week at a different resort. If you are confident you want to be an RCI member for more than one year, you can save on your annual membership cost by paying upfront for the next two to five years.

Number of Years Total Cost Cost Per Year Savings
1 $99
2 $179 $90 10%
3 $249 $83 16%
5 $399 $80 19%

Annual RCI Weeks Platinum Fees

You can choose to upgrade your RCI membership to RCI Weeks Platinum. This requires an additional fee for the extra benefits you receive such as room upgrades, priority access to high demand resorts, platinum rebates, and more. You can also choose to pay your annual membership fee two to five years in advance to take advantage of the savings. Below are the fees you must pay in addition to your basic RCI Weeks Subscription fee.

Number of Years Total Cost Cost Per Year Savings
1 $69
2 $120 $60 7%
3 $171 $57 14%
4 $216 $54 21%
5 $250 $50 26%

RCI Weeks Deposit Extensions

To ensure you don’t lose your deposit for your Weeks Subscription, there is an option in place for you in case a life situation occurs and you are not able to travel. RCI gives you the option to pay a small fee to extend your deposit so you don’t lose money on a vacation you weren’t able to experience.

1 Month Extension $29
3 Month Extension $69
6 Month Extension $99
12 Month Extension $119

You can also combine your deposit or your deposit credits for $119. That lets you make the travel window of your newly combined deposit good for up to two years from the combination date.

Trading Power Protection

Trading Power Protection gives you the peace of mind when planning your vacation that if something comes up, you can choose to change or cancel your vacation rather than losing your week all together.

  • Trading Power Protection (within 30 days of booking): $59
  • Trading Power Protection (more than 30 days of booking): $99
  • Trading Power Protection (within 14 days of the the date of travel): $99

RCI Points Subscription Fees

RCI Points gives you more flexibility in how long and when you vacation. There are also lower exchange fees with RCI Points inventory. A points subscription also gives you a free RCI Weeks account. You also have the option to upgrade to the highest level of membership, RCI Platinum points. This gives you more exchange opportunities, unit upgrades, rebates, and a variety of other discounts while on vacation or at home.

Number of Years Points Subscription Fee Additional Points Platinum Fee
1 $124 $69
2 $229 $120
3 $321 $171
4 $409 $216
5 $499 $250

Save and Extend RCI Points

RCI gives you the option to save and extend your points for maximum flexibility. When you choose to save Points, they carry over from their Use Year into the near Use Year. This allows you to save for a longer getaway, or more vacations. The Points Saving Fee is $26.

Extending Points refers to carrying your saved Points into a third use Year. If you have less than 30,000 Points, the Points Extension Fee is $75. If you have more than 30,000 Points, the Points Extension Fee is $115.

RCI Points Protection

Points Protection gives you the option to change or cancel your vacation for any reason and ensures you will be refunded 100% of the Points you used. The fee for this service varies based on the length of your planned vacation.

  • Points Protection 1-2 nights: $39
  • Points Protection 3-4 nights: $49
  • Points Protection 5+ nights: $59

RCI Exchange Fees

The fees and process for exchanging your timeshare with RCI vary depending on whether you have RCI Points of RCI Weeks Subscription. With Weeks, you have two options:

  • Exchange using the Call Center: $229
  • Exchange using RCI.com: $219

With Points, you have those same options, however there is variation in pricing since the flexibility of Points allows you to vacation for different amounts of time.

RCI.com Call Center
Home Week Reservation (7 nights) No charge No change
Home Resort Reservation (7 nights) $40 $50
RCI Points Reservation: 7+ nights $169 $179
RCI Points Reservation: 6 nights $159 $169
RCI Points Reservation: 5 nights $139 $149
RCI Points Reservation: 4 nights $99 $109
RCI Points Reservation: 3 nights $79 $89
RCI Points Reservation: 2 nights $59 $69
RCI Points Reservation: 1 night $39 $49

With Points, you also need to be mindful of the reservation windows when planning your vacation:

  • Home Week Reservation: 12-13 month in advance
  • Home Resort Reservation: 11-12 months in advance
  • Home Group Reservation: 10-11 months in advance

Miscellaneous RCI Membership Fees

RCI offers a variety of perks that are made available to you for different small fees.

  • Guest Certificates allow you to send your friend or family on an Extra Vacations getaway. It is available for $69.
  • A Guest Pass lets you give the same family member or friend a vacation for the next five years for $149. This is only applicable if you are a RCI Weeks member.
  • A membership or deposit transfer (MTA) for both Points and Weeks Subscriptions is $98.
  • A duplicate copy of your RCI Weeks affiliated resorts or a Points directory can be sent to you for $6.95 (covers shipping and handling).

For more information on RCI, or RCI membership cost, you can contact a specialist at SellMyTimeshareNow.com by calling 1-877-815-4227.


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