When to Make Your Timeshare Reservations
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Reserving Your Timeshare

You’ve purchased a timeshare and are ready to start planning your first vacation. Where do you start? You’ll want to make your timeshare reservations to lockdown your vacation week. While this may sound like a simple task, understanding how and when to reserve your timeshare is key when it comes to planning and enjoy the best possible vacation.

Take a look at how different top vacation ownership brands handle timeshare reservations, and learn how to make yours today!

Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott reservations are made differently based on whether you have a weeks-based ownership or a points-based ownership.

If you own one Marriott week, you can reserve your vacation at your home resort up to 12 months prior to check-in date. Multiple week owners get the option of making a reservation request up to 13 month prior if you are reserving concurrent or consecutive weeks.

Points allow you to determine when and where you want to vacation, along with what type of accommodations. From there, you call Marriott’s resort services to make your reservation. Keep in mind that the more flexible you can be, the better options you’ll have. And the earlier you reserve your timeshare vacation, the better.

Disney Vacation Club

With your DVC ownership, you have the option for both in-network and out of network reservations. As one of the most popular vacation clubs in the industry, making DVC reservations can be an intense and competitive process. The resorts have 100% occupancy year-round, making it more difficult to pick and choose. With the right planning and know-how, you can book your desired vacation.

For an in-network reservation at your home resort, members get exclusive access 11-8 months before check in to access vacation dates. If you are looking to make a reservation outside of your home resort, this can be done up to 7 months prior to your vacation. Keep in mind that when you move outside your home resort, the accommodation and date options may be scarce. Be prepared to be flexible if you want to experience another property outside of your home resort. Use our when to visit Disney guide to help plan your vacation outside of popular travel dates.

Disney Vacation Club also has partners where members can make reservations using DVC points. Reserve vacations through RCI online for quick and convenient booking. RCI lets DVC members book up to 2 years in advance if they so choose, or as last-minute as 24-hours before.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

Make your HGVC reservations three different ways: home week at your home resort, at another Hilton resort, or through external exchange with RCI.

Within the Hilton network, you simply log into your HGVC club account to make your reservations. There are no waitlists, and timeshare reservations are made on a first-come first-serve basis. With Hilton, it pays to plan your vacation as far in advance as possible.


Now Vistana Signature Experience under Interval Leisure Group, the Starwood brand gives you plenty of options when it comes to making your timeshare reservations.

Reserving your Starwood home resort must happen 8-12 months before the first date of your vacation.

If you have a fixed week, your week is automatically booked. However, you must confirm your timeshare reservations at least 10 months before your arrival. Floating week owners have the option to choose the date of their vacation 8-12 months prior to check-in date. This can be done online and will depend on what season and accommodation type you own.

If you have StarOptions, you can reserve up to 8 months in advance at any Starwood resort. Owners also have the option to book nightly stays from 91 days until the arrival date through express network reservations.


Make your Club Wyndham reservations based on your membership level. Those with Advance Reservation Priority (ARP) include Club Wyndham Select, Club Wyndham Access, and Club Wyndham PResidential Reserve. With ARP, you can reserve your timeshare 10-13 months before check in. This can only be done at your home resort.

Standard Wyndham reservations allow members to book 3-10 months prior to your vacation date. Plan ahead and reserve early if you’re looking at a popular vacation timeshare. You can also save money and book a two-night stay during the off-peak seasons. If you’re looking to travel last minute, you can make an express reservation. This is done within 90 days of the check-in date.

Hyatt Residence Club

When making Hyatt reservations, the timetable depends on what kind of vacation you are booking. When reserving a week at a Hyatt Residence Club Resort, you go online to reserve a full week or just part of a week. The reservation window is 12 months before your vacation date. During the first six months of the reservation period, you have the rights to your home resort and unit type unless you choose to release to and stay at another property.

Any unused days are turned into points. From there, you can make reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no fee for the first Hyatt Residence Club reservation, however any reservations after will be charged a fee.

Still unsure about how to reserve your timeshare getaway? Let our experienced specialists assist you! Contact us now by calling 1-877-815-4227.


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